Gucci doesn't authenticate their items?

  1. i heard gucci SA usually don't do authentications. is that true girls?
  2. my bf who works there told me they dont do them because so many people bring in fakes. they have them sent away for authentication.
  3. Yes, they usually will not do authentications, but it also depends on the SA. Sometimes, you will find a nice SA who will take a look for you.
  4. do you guys know where can i go to to get authentication? : ( i think i bought a fake wallet.. i need someone to help so i can get a refund!
    thanks so much!

  5. I don't think there is actually a place you can take it into. I suggest you post pictures in authenticate this Gucci. And I am sure someone there can help you out.
  6. Where did you buy it from?

    If you are having doubts if it is real I suggest you return it. Better safe then sorry.
  7. :hrmm: i got scammed on eBay! lol.... i'm so stupid : (

  8. I am so sorry. Can you get your money back? Good Luck
  9. Yeah I have often thought about this out of curiousity. Are there any charges for authentification? Also what if the item is found fake.
  10. i just had an evil ive never done this nor have i bought any gucci item anywhere else but the store...BUT can say part of your bag/wallet isnt working correctly (ie zipper) and say you want to have it fixed...if its REAL they will be glad to fix it for you, but if its FAKE, they will be like no we cant do that!


  11. Why should they? Why would they support the purchasing of goods from unofficial sources, that would take away from their business. As far as their concerned, if you didnt buy your gucci from the Neiman, Saks, BG's or directly from the boutique you can go screw yourself (not you personally). Besides, its not their job to that anyways.
  12. I have to say I see Love2travel's point. It takes away from their business. I used to work at Coach and the only reason we would have to know fake from real is when people would do returns. We would get people returning fakes. Unfortunately, I accepted a fake as a return (unknowlingly, before I knew any better). If I worked there now and anyone ever asked me, I would give them my unofficial opinion.
  13. I understand their policy. However, if I were an SA, I don't think I could turn someone down. It is just easier to be nice and that is what I would want.
  14. If I were an SA... I'd open my own authenticate business and make loads of cash :graucho:

    But seriously, I'd do it for a nice *potential* customer, then give her my card so she can look for me next time when she's ready to buy. I will also call her up when the sales starts!
  15. how much does a SA makes at Gucci? Any commission? discounts? and what does it take to qualify I wonder