Gucci doctor satchel

  1. Hi all, I'm a new poster for the Gucci thread (normally I post in the LV forum, but occasionally I like dropping by on Coach, Fendi, and Burberry). I just have one question: does anyone have a Gucci doctor satchel? I think I'm liking it better than the Louis Vuitton Speedy (I think I'm one of the very few LV collectors that does NOT have this bag), but I want an opinion from owners. :smile:
  2. I do not have the bag you're speaking of and I also do not own a LV speedy. I would probably get the Gucci bag over the LV. Just my preference for that type of bag.

    Welcome to the Gucci Forum and come back often.

    Maybe, someone else will be able to help you out.
  3. Yes, I have a navt blue vintage doctor satchel (from the 80's)...and I love it. I carried it almost all summer and constantly got stopped and complimented. I think it is such a classic bag.....I like LV too, but don't carry it as much.

  4. i think the gucci's better than the lv because that lv seems like the one that when everyone first starts buying designer they all have it. everyone i know has that bag, including me, and the lv is a little overexposed in my opinion. but i'm sure if you go to the lv forum they won't agree with me!! :yahoo:
  5. I totally agree. I had only owned Guccis and thought I should expand my collection. So three weeks ago, I had purchased two LV bags (the Alma and Speedy 30) from the Epi leather line (hate the mono - too many out there especially fake ones!) After a week, I returned both and purchased a Pelham!!!! :wlae: I think LVs are overrated. :wacko: