Gucci Doctor Bag..Yay or Nay????

  1. yay!!!
  2. It's cute, but honestly I'd rather get a Chanel for that price.
  3. Good point. :idea:
  4. Love it.
  5. Big yay, I love it !!!

    It's sold out, did you get it ? ;)
  6. It's really cute, but the price is high- but doesn't it look a little bulky to carry?
  7. I love large bags like this one. :smile:
  8. i say yay!
  9. Yay!
  10. I saw this irl it is a little bulky but really nice. A great everyday bag if you don't mind satchels.
  11. Nay ... Although I like Gucci I'm not nuts about that particular bag.
  12. I am not a fan of that color
  13. YAY!, lovesit
  14. Yay!