Gucci Disco vs LV Twinset vs Celine Trio?

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  1. Hi! I've been using a black ps1 pouch crossbody daily to carry my essentials and I LOVE it. I'm on the prowl for a second everyday crossbody to rotate the ps1 with. I've narrowed it down to three crossbody options. How would you rank the options? Thank you!

    Gucci disco in navy:

    Celine trio in royal blue:

    Louis Vuitton Twinset with red or black flap (random Pinterest image):
  2. I love my Gucci Disco. I'm actually waiting to get another one. I like the tassel on it. Although I've never seen the Twinset IRL it is cute. That would be my second choice!
  3. #3 Mar 17, 2016
    Last edited: Mar 17, 2016
    I am not really into LV but I do like the twinset. It is now call the Twice. It is a clever design. I like the middle pocket where a cell phone would fit. I had order one in empreinte in the color Denim, but ended up sending it back, just didn't like the color. Nice bag though.
  4. Yes, I'm not an LV person either! But the Twinset has my attention and I LOVE the middle pocket for a cell phone. It seems very thoughtfully designed, although the strap (like many bags this size) look a little thin.
  5. I also really like the balenciaga town bag in one of their blues. Ah. Decisions, decisions!

  6. I have the LV twinset/twice mono with black flap and LOVE it!! Perfect crossbody or shoulder wear and can pack a ton!!!
  7. My daughter-in-law has the mono with black flap also. She loves it. I think the strap is comfortable.
  8. Bal, then Gucci.
    Celine Trio = :tumbleweed:
    LV Twinset = :btdh:

    Just my opinions. But if you love your PS1, I don't think the Celine or LV are the right styles for you.
  9. Your response is so funny bc you seem to be able to read my style based on bags. You're right that Balenciaga is probably the closest in aesthetic if I love my ps1 so much.
  10. i have 2 towns and a Disco and want(ed) the Twice/Twinset, but don't like the thin straps on that bag. i would pick the town, it can be purchased pre-loved for the same price (or less) than the Disco and is just made 1,000x better, no comparing the brands really. the disco is nice for casual but the town is everyday and obviously holds a ton more. depends on your needs, but all are lovely choices!
  11. I love the Twice/twinset, but prefer it in empreinte leather
  12. I do like the classic town as well
  13. +1
  14. Only because that is similar to my style, so I just "figured". LOL. The Celine and LV both just seem so delicate to me, too. I'm not sure how they would go with every day casual or edgier looks. For me personally, I like a thick leather and more hardware. That look seems to go better with my hoodies and leather coats! :biggrin:
    Have you decided which way you're going yet?
  15. I love my town! I really want to love the disco, but those giant Gs turn me off. Otherwise, I think that is a great looking bag. For that reason only, I'd probably go with the Celine over Gucci. Don't care for the LV.
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