Gucci Disco bag in RED


Nov 15, 2015
Hey everyone!

I know there are a ton of threads on the disco bag on this forum, however, I wanted to address this one specifically to those of you who own the bag in RED. I've been mulling over what bag to buy for a few weeks now. I have a Celine box bag in black, and I've owned various LV bags over the years. I was actually considering the Favorite MM (which I already owned and sold) and the Pallas Clutch, but I really think I'm ready to jump ship considering how bad LV's quality appears to be based on the LV forum (the Favorite MM gets an awful looking crease on the flap, and frankly $1100 for the tiny Pallas Clutch is just too expensive for my taste considering the size of the bag)... and I have to admit, I do find Favorite MM to be way too common.

This will be my first Gucci bag and although black is obviously very practical (and gorgeous! :loveeyes:), I really barely wear any color, my wardrobe is pretty much entirely black and neutrals, and I'd like something that would liven up my wardrobe. I'd just like to ask those of you who own this bag in red, have you had any issues? Color transfer? Anything at all. Any and all information is greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance! :smile:
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Jul 17, 2016
Following this thread because I am in the same boat! I have been eyeing the Gucci Disco for a while now.


Apr 30, 2015
I have this bag in pink and red... I wear the red with everything from all white, denim, all black, navy, etc. It's super cute versatile and although I don't baby my bags at all you can't tell it's ever been worn honestly. Worn it a few times a week for over a year. I say go for it!!


Oct 13, 2013
I own the Gucci soho disco bag in red and I've had it for a year now. It is my go-to bag!!! I own LV, chloe, and Chanel bags, but I'm always reaching for the disco. I've taken it to the beach and gotten it wet and it still looks like new. There is no Jean color transfer at all (and I'm always in dark denim). The Gucci red is so vibrant and rich and goes with any outfit, neutral or colorful. Also, the bag can fit a lot for being so small. I usually carry Lv mini pochette, Chanel key holder, card case, sunglasses, and phone.

The ONLY issue I have with this bag is that sometimes it flips upside down when I pick it up, making the contents spill out of the bag. Other than that, it is one of my favorite bags!!! I want to buy more but I only love it in the red [emoji173]️ I hope you get it!!! [emoji2]


May 1, 2014
I purchased the Gucci Disco Soho in red about a year ago, and all I can say is that I absolutely have no regrets! When I decided to pull the trigger on this one, I've had no idea that she'd hands down easily become my most worn bag in many years. In my opinion a lot of ladies owning a variety of designer bags saying that is quite a strong sign of quality for this little bag.

While on daily base I tend to go with my Neverfulls or other totes for work, the Disco Soho is my absolute go-to bag. She is fun, cute, has a shockingly perfect size between "not too big" and "not too small", and the color is so vibrant and fun that I love to match her to my red lipstick collection. I cannot praise her enough.

As one of the ladies before said, I do agree with the fact that the bag tends to flip upside down when I pull her by the straps, but keeping this in mind and closing the zipper always will prevent you from having to collect all your belongings from the ground. She sags also a bit on the side that you wear on your body but it's so minor that I am not really bothered. When empty, I always stuff her with the paper she came with to prevent her from misshaping too much.

The discoloring is indeed a topic which has caught my attention. Even though I am not a huge denim lover and therefore exclude the possibility of denim color transfer, I've noticed that the pebbled leather seems to become slightly "greyish" over time which is something I imagine to be a very thin layer of... well, dirt? Or dust? Things you have on your hands either way, since small bags get "picked up" more often on the larger leather areas than e.g. a tote which will always only be grabbed by its handles. It is minor and can be decelerated if you pay a bit more attention or cleaned her on a more frequent base.

But honestly speaking, I cannot be bothered to baby my bags to that extent, after all one of the reasons I love this gorgeous bag so much is because she allows me to be rather carefree! I definitely recommend this bag to anyone who's considering to buy her anyway. And those people that do not, should also get her :biggrin:


Apr 17, 2019
Central Florida
This is an oldie thread but helpful in confirming color choice. Purchasing the bag in black is an obvious choice but I already have a lovely Tory Burch bag in black pebble leather with gold chain. The red choice is appealing.