Gucci Disco Bag Club

  1. oh and just copy and paste the link above in your search engine :smile:
  2. I :heart: the Disco

    I like the Soho and the Sunshine versions (that little piece of bamboo on the sunshine is irresistible)

    The only thing I'm not so keen on is the cotton/linen lining esp on the python and ostrich versions :nono:
  3. Gorgeous cuties!!! :heart: Go get one...or two??? LOL the colors are so pretty :nuts:
  4. Thanks for your input guys!!! i love the vibrant blue!! its such an amazing colour:love: only thing is i have yet to see these babies here in Toronto :tdown: so i avent seen then IRL..have you guys?
  5. I ADORE this one as well!! I think the bamboo is stellar :cloud9:

  6. I really adore the disco bag. I am thinking either red or vibrate blue. I dont normally come to gucci forum but i love love the disco and the price is not bad. Anyone going to get one?
  7. I think the biggest problem is choosing between the Sunshine and the Soho and then selecting the colour. I like the red Soho but I also love the Champagne Sunshine.

    I don't want to go crazy this year but I do actually need a cross-body bag, even then I am also considering an Hermes or BV alternative so we shall see. I'm sure I will know instantly when I get to see and try everything IRL.

    Right now my head is spinning because it's all just pictures and measurements :cray:
  8. I think the soho looks better but the rainbow colours are not all available in my country. I quite like the dark green now but they dont have it in that colour or the vibrate blue. Me too i am so excited and cannot wait to see IRL.

    Oh... Hermes or BV i hope you can make your choice soon but the disco is just too cute to pass. I am just wondering if disco will go on sales, if so i will be annoyed as christmas is coming soon.
  9. I think we should all get one in honour of this thread hahahah!
  10. I LOVE the champagne sunshine. I want to go see them IRL but like i said im not sure if they are available here in Toronto..i asked before but no one answered becasue of all the craziness of this bag :roflmfao:

  11. These won't be in the sale, they've just come out for Cruise. If there are any Summery colours left next June/July then possibly they might be 30% off. That's only if there are any left in 8 months time.
  12. lol.... I think so too. Are you going to get one?

    true true, I am thinking either Yellow or Dark Green (if I can find one). Then the question is shall I get one now or wait until February next year when I will travel through duty free. the risk is they might be sold out by then or limited choice. Gosh.... decision decision.....i'm so lusting this bag right now.
  13. First find the colour of bag/s you want. Your SA might even have to order them in so call first. Then ask how many they have/are around. I think these are going to be very popular, they don't take up much room in stores all adding up to hard to get and not in sale.

    I would have to buy the right colour for one to work for me, I already have similar bags in black (Chanel Tassel) and brown (Loewe).

    Duty Free

    I used to travel all the time, US, Asia, Australia... I was never home. Duty free stores are a law unto themselves. I would only ever buy HUGE buys like fine jewellery to make the saving worthwhile or extras (sometimes for gifts but also to give me more of an incentive with the price)

    a) no normal Gucci store will change, exchange, or give a refund and b) the choice is strictly limited c) the staff I have experienced are the WORST at airports because they don't need repeat custom.

    On £515 the duty free will be approx £100 off. That's not enough for me to be stuck with a colour I don't like or a scratched model. Possibly worth a gamble with a hunt for a second or third Disco though :graucho:.