Gucci & Dior added to the 33% off sale!

  1. thanks for the info!
  2. Thanks for the info, I just bought two pairs of Gucci shoes and a hobo bag :smile:
  3. which bags did you get? Could you share with some photos?
  4. I bought the Duchessa Mid Heel Sandal, Duchessa Medium Hobo, Duchessa Mid Heel Slide. Here is a link to the bag, I'm going back to get the second bag on this post...

    yikes I also pre-ordered shoes on the Gucci website and at Bergdorf ordered Dior Nappa Flat Thong Sandals

    at least I know I'll die happy (if and when dh finds out.. lol.)
  5. I saw that this morning! So Tempting!
  6. Very tempting but...I need to wait until further markdowns =(
  7. i really dont understand why they havent opened up a neiman and Nordstrom in manhattan yet!! lol