Gucci Dionysus or YSL College for New Years?


Aug 1, 2013
hello hello :P I wasn't sure if I should have posted this in the Gucci or Saint Laurent section but oh wells :angel: I'm going to buy me a New Years present and I'm torn between the Dionysus or the College. If I get the Dionysus I'd go for an all suede one in black or beige or some neutral color. How's the suede? Do you have to baby it? Both bags are quite new so I'm not sure about the resale value or if it will become a classic.... If I get the College then I want it in black. Here are some pictures:heart::heart:
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Jan 25, 2008
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Suede would show wear and some color change. If it gets wet, the texture may change and look/feel different. Since you posted in Gucci forum, I think you already answer your own question. :smile: Dionysus line is quite popular and it looks like it’s gonna be around for several seasons to come.

Both are gorgeous, although you may want to check the dimensions and how it looks on you.


May 19, 2015
All three are beautiful.Where on earth did you find the Ysl bag???? I can't get one until May 2017.


Apr 5, 2012
The pictures of the YSL show the larger size in the upper pics, medium in lower pic. The medium has a longer chain, and leather for the shoulder. Don't remember if the large has that, but you can see the chain is shorter. I have the medium, and am 5'6", and enjoy wearing it both long on my shoulder and crossbody, as it hits at a perfect place for me. The bag is quite lightweight, if that is a consideration. I am a Gucci lover also, and have had suede bags in my lifetime, but as I live in the South, with short winters, suede does not seem worth it to me. The Gucci is absolutely stunning, though. The YSL makes my heart sing, even when I look at the above pics. FYI, I bought through Selfridges, and saved money despite the duties.


Oct 10, 2007
Difficult choice...
Thye are both very NOW bags, so it is difficult to predict how well they will pass the test of time. I like the look of the YSL better, specially the black on black version, and the more classic top handle instead of the thick chain running across the top Boy-style. It is a very versatile everyday bag. I have the little one and I love it.
On the other hand, the Dyonisius is also gorgeous and you get better quality with the Gucci which makes it a better investment on the long run. Personally I like the Dyonisus better in the GG canvas or other color combinations, somehow, I don't think it looks it best in the all black suede version...


Jun 2, 2013
I am a little biased but I prefer the Gucci as I have this bag in red suede. I think this bag is more timeless because of the shape and function and also because it is more discrete. As far as the suede I am careful with it for now, but I have asked around of people who have this bag and they say it wears well. However if you get a lighter bag then it will show more wear, but then again that is true for most light colored bags.