Gucci Diaper Bag???


Dec 7, 2006
Hey all!! I'm new here! I don't have kids yet, and I'm not expecting - but when I do the ONE thing I absolutely MUST have is a Gucci Diaper Bag. Not the one's that LOOK like diaper bags, but rather a Tote looking one. I'd love it in the brown canvas and white trim. I can't seem to find it anywhere!! I'd like to buy it now before the time comes and it's no where to be found!! Does anyone have any suggestions as to where to look? Does Gucci "find" products for you through out their stores? They don't have a single one on their site!! The ONLY place I've found ANY are on EBAY :sad:!!!! Yuck!! Help!!

Also does anyone have one??? If so, share your pics please, I'd LOVE to see it!!
the diaper bags can be found under "travel bags" on the gucci website. I have the gg plus tote in blue and a regular beige/brown tote (only way you know it's a diaper bag is that it comes with a changing pad) and love both. But I do prefer the gg plus since it doesn't show any stains/dirt. ..and it's great on rainy days.
You will love either one. they don't look like diaper bags. I use them as regular bags as well when I don't have the kids with me.
i have the tote like diaper bag that i use as an everyday throw around bag for school. i loveeeeeeeeeeeeee it. it's so versatile and i love that it's plastic inside so i can wipe it down. i have the blue/red/white strap one. it's part of the winter 2007 collection.