Gucci delivered empty box

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  1. My best friend ordered a bag and wallet from Gucci boutique in LV. The box came - it was empty. What should she do? Gucci is giving her a hard time about it.
  2. OMG, That's horrible. Sorry this happened to your friend.
  3. What method did they ship? Doesn't Fed Ex, UPS, etc. show the weight of the package on the shipping label? If so, the package would be heavier with the wallet so your friend can prove that the box was empty when shipped. Just a thought!

    Good luck!
  4. WOW that is unbelievable!!
  5. OMG!!! :wtf:

    She should definitely try to prove to Gucci that the box was empty by showing them the weight of the package, which should be on the shipping label, like bleeaptn said. If Gucci doesn't agree to resend the items or issue a refund, perhaps she should report it to her credit card company and have them deal with Gucci!!!

    I hope it all works out!!!
  6. Empty?? Now that would be hard to prove!
    The weight would have to be noted on the original shipping copy and you would need to find out who packed it.
  7. that is so unfair

    I hope it works out all right in the end.:yes:
  8. bleeaptn is right. If it shipped by FedEx or UPS which I know they use them as their carriers your friend can have the Carrier look up the weight of the package and contact Gucci about this. If they still deny it, I would go ahead and try to charge it back.
  9. That is horrible.
  10. Holy Cow! I've never heard of THAT happening before! Just awful! Goodluck & keep us posted....The last time I ordered from Gucci, they sent me the wallet I ordered AND someone else's shoes!!!-----With the credit card receipts and everything!!! Sounds like someone needs to go down to the floor and keep and eye on things..I really hope eveything works out!! :heart: Emmy

  11. It would have been shipped insured, so she needs to file a claim on it. Things like this happen all the time (unfortunately). That's what insurance is for.
  12. a claim w/whom? fedex? credit card co?
  13. ^^^With FedEx. They are the shipping agent and therefore are responsible for the safe arrival of the package.
  14. kl7474 - any follow-up news on your situation?
  15. Something like this happened to my mom but it wasn't from gucci...
    my mom ordered a ring online and when she saw the package outside on the door step she was all excited but when she opened it, there was NO RING! She was examining the packaging and she realized that someone had actually opened the package, took the ring, re-sealed it, and left it on our door step. My mom called UPS (i think? or it could have been fed-ex) and they said that the package was signed for. We were thinking that either they lied about it being signed for and just left it on our door step OR that someone must have been near our house and the dilvery person thought they lived here so they let them sign for it.
    Maybe this could have happened to your friend. Unless, gucci just messed up.
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