Gucci Deals on Bluefly!!

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  1. The waist belt is super cute and it's big enough to fit tons of things too :smile:
  2. I agree - so I ordered it!!!!!!! YAAAYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!
  3. Love the small baguette with white trim, very cute
  4. those are cute!!!! may i ask how much the waist belt cost you? :smile: its already out of stock! :smile:
  5. pixiedust, I got the belt bag for $309, including shipping and taxes - I got the last one!

    I didn't end up getting the other bags...I have too many small bags!!
  6. No more! :sad: I'm too late.
  7. No'll find one! Besides, at this point, I'm not even sure if it's going to be authentic or not when it gets here!!!
  8. Hi Sharbear508, would love to know how your bluefly purchase turned out. Is it authentic?
  9. Can bluefly be inauthentic? What the? Shock horror shock horror!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. sharbear50, Could you please post pics when you receive your Gucci? I would love to see some pics! :smile:
  11. On my way to see what else Bluefly has to offer. I know they had a problem with some Balenciaga bags at one time. That's all I've heard about though.
  12. Sorry for the delayed response girls - I was in NYC this weekend! :P

    I actually ended up cancelling the order - I just didn't want to bother going through the process of worrying about it being fake and trying to get it authenticated. I figured for the minimal savings after taxes and shipping, I would rather just buy the belt bag from the Gucci boutique!

    Sorry I can't help out with pics. But there have been quite a few threads about fake Balenciaga, Fendi, and Chloe bags from Bluefly on PF - and it freaked me out! :wtf:
  13. Bluefly has been around for a long time (for the internet) and I've been an on and off customer since then. I'm probably banned as a buyer for returns by now since I don't usually end up liking what I get from there.

    I've sent back a Balanciaga metallic and a Gucci for refund. I had authenticity concerns about both of them. I think they may not be qualifying their suppliers as they should.

    They accepted the Gucci just over their time limit for returns. I was pretty forceful in my communication, citing the fake Balenciagas and the known fakes on their site. Based on other Guccis I have, I was not feeling the same lovely leather on the trim with this Bluefly one. If it was a copy it was a truly great one. It was hard for me to tell and I'm still not sure. But I'd rather pay full price and be sure. Their discounts aren't great and they inflate original prices. I do have lovely REAL Hermes scarves from there though.
  14. The discounts don't seem to be too high. It's probably better to buy the current season's stuff from the boutique rather than last season's with only 20% off if they are even accurate on their prices.