Gucci Deals on Bluefly Recently...

  1. They're not available right now, but it looks like I JUST missed them! The chocolate brown (which is TDF!!!) was available at some point yesterday, and the red (also gorgeous!!) was available early this morning I think...I managed to miss both! :girlsigh:

    Bluefly - Designer Leather Handbags at significant savings at - #2048435 - Gucci red logo embossed leather hobo

    Bluefly - Designer apparel & accessories for women - save up to 75% every day - #2048431 - Gucci chocolate brown guccissima leather hobo

    They're 20% off, with an additional 10% if you use the Welcome490 code, but I think if we wait until the end of season in December, we might be able to get these bags for 40% off at the Gucci boutique, NM, or Saks. Do you think that'll happen?? :graucho: Although maybe I'd rather just pay the 10% more now so I can use it through the fall...

    Also, I just ordered the belt bag yesterday from Bluefly...soooo excited! :yahoo:

    Bluefly - Get Designer Cosmetic Bags at Discount Prices at - #2048432 - Gucci beige GG canvas pocket-detail belt bag

    Just a little curious though what I'll be getting because the measurements they posted are for the large size belt bag, but the original price they show is the price for the mini. Fingers crossed it's the large when it gets here!!! :tender:

    Please post if you've ordered any Gucci from Bluefly lately...I'm so curious, since they seem to have some great bags right now! :yes:
  2. I am excited for you, but just make sure they didn't give you a fake one!! A couple of posts on here regarding fake bags from bluefly have me a little scared for you. I hope it's perfect and if it's not I hope you can return it!!! Good luck and let us know!
  3. I have gotten 3 Gucci bags from bluefly and they were all perfect and authentic, but that was before the B-bag saga. You can always return the bag if you suspect anything. Just make sure they check the details.
  4. ITA but then again I'm afraid to buy anything online!
  5. Thanks girls! I'm definitely going to check when it gets here - it shipped today! I'm sooooo excited! I'm going to compare against jadecee's belt bag, which she got from the Gucci boutique. Fingers crossed! I do have a feeling though that they listed the wrong measurements and that I'm getting the mini rather than the large...I'm hoping that I'm wrong though. I guess as long as it's real, I'm not too fussed about the size!
  6. Hey everbody! Just ordered my dream wallet to go with my dream purse...(Which I haven't purchased yet.!) I couldn't resist...I missed this last month when it was for sale....I figured I'd get that, then the purse (Chocoloate guccissima med. chain hobo) might become a reality sooner....!! I have to rationalize my expenses....I just bought a new Coach purse & wallet last month....It was my birthday present to myself...I keep saying "for Christmas..the gooch!..We'll see...Here's a pic.....Now maybe my dream will come true sooner!!! I can't insert a picture b/c it's already off the website! And it's been off the Gucci website for over a month....I'll post pics when I get it!! Yeah!!:yahoo:
  7. Ok..i'm Going To Try And Insert The Pic Of My Dream Purse....
  8. Oh congrats on the new wallet! Where did you order it from? Please post a pic - I'm looking for a Gucci wallet myself!

    The chocolate brown Guccissima is TDF!! Good luck getting your dream bag!!
  9. :love: Thanx Sharbear! I bought it from it's gone already!!! You have to keep checking all the time because stuff pops up and you have to get it asap if you want it...I don't think they keep too much in stock...I saw this wallet a month ago on Bluefly and didn't order it..It was gone the same day too..So when it came up again I bit the bullet!! I'll post picks when I get it...I wish I didn't order new carpet for our home..I'd be posting pics of a new bag too!! Priorities...priorities....Just can't afford both right now..:crybaby:
  10. I just received a messenger bag I purchase from bluefly last week. Everything looks ok on the bag except that it reeks of that "plastic" smell like the fake ones. I am going to return it.
  11. Oh no! Fake??? That sucks Vixy! Sorry to hear that... :sad: Not looking good for mine then either...??
  12. Shar bear-what did you buy again? Now I'm nervous..I ordered the chocolate wallet in brown guccissima last week...Hope our purchase are Ok..I thought that issue was resolved! What is going on with them? Now I'm dreading getting the wallet..If it smells like plastic I'll be so disappointed....:crybaby:
  13. I ordered the Gucci belt bag...I hope our purchases are OK too EMMY. Fingers crossed!!! When are you expecting to receive yours?
  14. Tomorrow I hope...I got scammed once on ebay and oh I can still smell that AWFUL smell.....I'll keep you posted :heart: Emmy