Gucci Deal of the Year!


Sep 1, 2014
Hi Gucci lovers!

As you can probably tell from my username, I'm a lurker/poster over at LV! However, last week I came across an auction on eBay for a Gucci bag. The starting bid was $120.00AUD plus $18.00 postage.

Since I've never owned a Gucci bag, I thought I'd bid and see what happens. My maximum price was $350.00AUD.

Anyway, the auction ended and I was noticed to my surprise that I had won the bag for $120.00AUD!!! Shocked and happy. So to cut the story short, I present t to you my new to me Gucci piece (and I'm now looking at Gucci luggage)

Second image shows an LV laptop case, Toiletry 26, Desk agenda and iPad cover.