Gucci, D&G, Fendi etc. at overstock - are they real?

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  1. Prices looks good, but...
    Anyone has an experience buying from them? Thanks!
  2. I've purchased 1 pair of Gucci shoes, about 6 pairs of D&G shoes and 1 pair of Guisippe Zanotti boots from For the most part, I have been pretty happy. I'm waiting on my 3rd pair of orange/black D&G low heel pumps as the last 2 I have received have been damaged. Make sure you know what size you wear in the brand you are buying because returns at Overstock aren't cheap and the only way they pay to to ship back is if the item is incorrect or damaged. They also have a lot of samples and do not allow returns on those at all. So, just be a smart shopper and you should be fine.
  3. some one in the LV thread posted that the auction part of is starting to look like a new ioffer site ie icky fakes
  4. The auction portion of overstock is filled with fakes. However I think the actual items on overstock is legit.
  5. ^^^

  6. Agreed - don't mess with Overstock Auctions. BTW - I received my 3rd replacement pair of D&G orange pumps today - they actually were damaged like the 1st pair (I think I received them again). So, as I said, be careful.
  7. If the items are satisfying, then it's okay, I have heard very stories about their customer support.
  8. I don't know if things have changed since my experience, but I had a terrible time with some returns. I bought a set of workout DVDs and then I saw the same set cheaper on eBay. Each DVD on Overstock was about $6.50, and I bought about 10 of them. When I went to return them, they deducted $4.95 from EACH item I returned -- not the total order. So I only got about $15 back when it should have been more like $65. I complained and threatened to file with the BBB because this policy was started after I made my purchase. Finally, in the end I got all my money back.

    Be careful and check out their return polices!
  9. Overstock is reputable... So I don't think they'd sell fake items!
  10. never buy from them...

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  11. I have seen lots of fakes on Overstock.
  12. tons of fakes!:hysteric:
  13. I believe as long as you don't buy bags in the auction part of overstock you are ok.