Gucci Customer Appreciation discount question

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  1. I have a question regarding the Customer Appreciation Day coming up in November. Is this discount only available at Gucci stores/ or do Neiman Marcus, Saks, or Nordstrom honor it as well? I've searched the forums, and found the threat with all the outlet/sale info, but it doesn't specifically answer this question. Thanks!
  2. Gucci and .com only.
  3. when is the date?
  4. What do you have to do to get the discount?
  5. i think the OP is referring to the annual 10% off. please correct me if i'm wrong.
  6. How do you get the 10% off?
  7. Nada. You can just go and purchase in store or online that day IIRC.


    Beach bum, idk the date yet..hopefully someone here will have insider info from their SA.
  8. they usually send out an email.. by them, i mean gucci. it's not something they keep a secret. haha more like it's widely advertised. it's a good time to buy items that won't go on sale =)
  9. The SA told me the sale will start on Dec. 1st!!! It's hard to not buy something on customer appreciation discount day on items that won't go on sale!
  10. Dec.1st is not the customer appreciation sale. It's the bi-annual sale usually to get rid of seasonal stock or ones from several seasons ago.
  11. well it's two entirely different sales/promos so you really can't compare it - the customer appreciation you can think of it as the only way to buy full priced items at a slight discount and then the regular sale, you can get the seasonal stuff on sale.
  12. Customer appreciation sale would be a good time for me to get the top bamboo handle. Do you know the date for that?
  13. No I don't - I haven't asked my SA. I haven't been thinking about purchasing any bags for awhile but I believe it's usually sometime in mid November? I'm sure someone here can find out for you! You're right, the 10% discount would be the best time to pick up the BTH because I doubt they'll be in the bi-annual sale.
  14. Will the vintage web bostons go on sale in December you think?
  15. Thank you! I saw the BTH on Sunday at the Gucci store and it was gorgeous! Very sassy with tons of personality. I still like the one you have the best! I think most of the rose/peony colored will be on sale!