Gucci cruise '08 dress - I'm in love...

  1. Has anyone bought Gucci clothes from the boutique before? I'm asking because I went to the just-opened boutique at Elements mall and saw a dress from the cruise '08 collection that I would kill to have! (Here:

    It looks pretty boring from the pic, but in real life, it's to die for! I wish there was a pic of the open back, it really looks gorgeous and is sexy but is much more understated. I think it's very versatile and wearable for day or evening and the colours are seasonless. I can just imagine these with CL Black Very Prives and the Gucci crystal clutch! :drool:

    I don't know if they're selling it yet, it was just on the display (obviously the racks are still full of fw clothes). I was wondering if the stores only receive a limited number of pieces and do not get sent any more? I bought a gift for someone from Hermes and last time I checked, they didn't replace it...

    I don't know why I'm even considering buying it, I feel like I've lost my mind! I don't even know the price, and suffice to say that my wallet will probably stop me from purchasing!
  2. I know their evening dresses cost 4000 USD upwards. That's a very simple dress, I like simple. I like the sleeves but not crazy about the dress to want to buy it, no money! Do you have a pic of the back?

    I'm personally not into high end designer clothes (not that I can afford it anyway), rather buy bags and shoes. Clothes I tend to get sick of easily and I feel like I can't get as much wear out of them so for the $ I'd rather get bags and shoes.
  3. Alright, maybe I was just a bit too excited! :nuts: :roflmfao:

    I wish I had a pic of the back, but the cruise collections get the least hype (no detailed shots on vogue's site). It is very simple, but I think it looks much better in real life than the pic.

    I checked out similar brands like Fendi, Celine etc on net-a-porter and their dresses were around $1000 - 1200 US starting price. Not as bad as I thought actually (but still pretty bad, I'd have to go on a long long ban). Being a pretty simple dress with little ornamentation (no embroidery, sequins etc) I don't think it'll be too expensive.

    Though I do get what you mean about not being into high end clothes. Bags you can use everyday, clothes you can only wear at certain times. I shall see if I can bring myself to buy it!
  4. Just want to ask has anyone have any more information about their clothes? Any TPFers bought their clothes before? How much did it cost? How much stock do the stores receive, and are they replenished after they are sold out (as I said above, I don't think Hermes replenishes stock)?

    I would love if I could get it during the s/s sale (if it's not too expensive)

    Sorry for the loads of questions! :sweatdrop: TIA, any help will be greatly appreciated.
  5. Usually not a lot of pieces, and the stock gets replenished sporadically. Chances are, the dress will be sold out by the spring sales BUT your SA can call around and track down the dress for you. Not sure how much this dress will cost, probably $1500-$2000.
  6. Thanks a lot! I found out this dress was made of cotton (it says milk cotton shantung one the site). I know because it's Gucci, it will definitely be expensive, but is it possible that the dress might be under $1500 since it's made of cotton? Since I've seen Fendi dresses on Net-a-Porter for much less than $1500 (some wool or satin ones are around $875 +) and also because this dress is really simple, no embellishments or anything...

    Thanks again for your reply!
  7. I am not sure but I am going to guess aound 2 k or so... The dresses with embroidery are around 5k and the skirts are 3k
  8. Since it's so classic, I might be willing to splurge...

    Anyway, I went to the store on Sunday and I've been placed on the waitlist. The SA say the dresses will come in during mid-November and that she will contact me when they come in... I can't wait to try it on!
  9. wwoow what an exciting purchase if you decide to buy! Please post pics if you do....
  10. By the way here is a picture of the open-back:

    I went to the boutique on Sunday and was really disappointed... I was placed on the waitlist and they said they'd have the dress by mid-November, but when I asked about it, it wasn't available! Anyway, I tried a few other clothes, and they were so beautiful, but the prices ranged from $14,000 HK (around $1750 US) to over $26,000 ($3250)! I found out the dress I liked is $20,500. I am dying to try it out!