Gucci Corset Shoe Size?...

  1. ive been lusting over this shoe since it came out. I found a few pairs on eBay here & there over the years, but now decided I finally need to grab me a pair.
    Well...i found a black pair on eBay for $250 so far... They are a size 7....i normally wear an 8 in Gucci. I know im probably pushing my luck here, but I remember reading somewhere that this shoe runs, the question is how big?
    Will the 7 fit or am i better off with a 7.5 or stay at an 8?
  2. I think you might be better off with a 7.5 or 8. I only have one pair of Gucci snakeskin sandals and they are TTS.
  3. I believe someone posted a similar question in the Gucci forum if that helps. I only have one pair of their shoes and they fit TTS, though I think someone posted that a particular sandal runs a tad small.

    Also, have you seen their online sale? I received an online invitation yesterday and visited the site to discover that many of their boots, pumps, sandals, etc. are half off! I was a bit perturbed because I paid full price for the 'Eva' pump and now it's almost half off. :cursing:

    You should check it out. :yes:
  4. The pair's of Gucci shoes I have all run big. I think you'll be ok with a 7 but a 7.5 maybe better.