Gucci Corset Heels

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  1. I have been wanting to buy these for ages and a couple have finally popped up on eBay. I love them so much!

    Not sure about the sizing though. I don't own any Gucci shoes. I typically wear 39.5 to 40 in Manolos and Louboutins. For those that own a pair of these, are they true to size? Do they stretch, etc? Any help would be most appreciated.
  2. I don't own these, but my gucci's typically run a half size larger than Manolos or CLs. Anyone else?
  3. Hmm.. I have Dorsay heels in Gucci and I find they run true to size...
  4. thanks for your input, ladies!
  5. If it's the Tom Ford-designed corset satin heels from a few years ago (the ones seen on SJP, Nicky Hilton, Mischa Barton, runway, etc etc), I heard they ran a bit large (by about 1/2 a size). Definitely GET THEM if you have the chance! I would love to get a pair in nude or black satin but have never seen my size pop up on eBay. They are such a unique, edgy, revolutionary, yet timeless design!

    p.s. this is the one I'm referring to.....not sure if it's the "Gucci corset" shoe you had in mind....

  6. yes foxy, those are definitely it!! if they run half a size big, the ones on eBay might be too big for me then.
  7. Gucci is TTS for me (or 1/2 size bigger than CL, etc..)
  8. Bump!
  9. Oh!!!! How exciting for you...I have these in green and I typically range from a 9.5 to 10 in regular heels, in Gucci I am usually I'm usually a 10 (these are a 10).
    They don't stretch excactly, but since they're ribbon, they will mold to your foot, so you kinda have to make sure they fit, cause if they're too small even though they won't feel tight, they will look small...Good luck!!
  10. ^^^
    Gorgeous color!
  11. make sure they are real...i have seen some fake gucci corset shoes being sold
  12. I have the same exact shoes. Although they're very pretty, I've never worn them because I don't know what to wear them with. They're kinda unflattering for my calves. Would someone post pix of these shoes "in action"? I would like to see how they should be worn. I would love to be inspired!
  13. Well smurfet...I've only worn mine twice and I've had them since they were released (I want to say about 4 yrs) for the same reason, but I don't mind at me these are the most "special" shoes I own, and I love taking them out of the box and looking at them, even if I don't get to wear them that often, they're like art to me (pardon if I sound silly)
    Unfortunately I can't find any pics in my computer of either time, but I'll do my best to describe how I wore them...:shrugs:

    The first time was for an early summer wedding, and I had on a yellow (think bannana yellow) dress that hit right at the knee, and was sort of "poofy" a la Sarah Jessica Parker, I had a big green flower pin that complemented the shade of green in the shoes really well, not too matchy matchy....(I searched high and wide for it)...don't know if it sounds pretty but believe me, it was a cute outfit, the fabric of the dress made the color not so loud, so the green and yellow went well together.

    The second time was actually this summer, and I opted for a more classic look...I had on a high waisted black pencil skirt that again was right at the knees, a tight fitting black sleeveless v-neck dressy top and a wide gold tone belt (with accents that matched the heel on the shoe). It was much more toned down than the first time, but I liked both looks real well with these shoes. I would think you want to make the shoes the center of attention, so maybe go with blacks, whites, and pretty dresses, skirts, etc...hope it helps.
  14. ^ This is very inspirational! You must have very long and shaply calves to pull off these shoes with knee length outfits. ;) I tried an outfit very similar to your outfit number two (except I used a skinny belt). My calves looked like mini sausauges!
  15. Gucci always runs large for me, as compared to Mannies or Loubies. I usually size down 1/2 size for Gucci, sometimes a full size for slides. But I've never tried on these corset heels, so I'm not sure that helps.