sale starts tonight?

  1. Does the sale at start tonight? Will they have the same stuff on sale as Saks and gucci stores or will their be different stuff added? I like some of the floral stuff and all I saw on sale at Saks and gucci was the small satin pochette. anybody know any of the bags that will be offered?
  2. i think the "" sale starts tomorrow AM, but i'm not sure :wondering
  3. well, if it starts on 6/6 then we should probably just check at midnight?
  4. I'm going to check. Anyone know the percentage that will be taken off the bags
  5. I believe 30% off
  6. I think its fabric bags 30% and leather bags 40%, at least I remember reading that in a post buried somewhere here. I'm so tired, I sort of hope the sale isn't tonight or starts early.
  7. There's nothing on gucci website. Is it b/c they took the sale items out until the sale starts tomorrow?
  8. yeah, I think it'd because they will put it in sale category
  9. A-ha probably....

    What is everyone hoping to get?
  10. its tonight yall!
  11. okay, its 12:23....I just checked the Gucci I looking in the wrong place?
  12. hope they will do this soon! i am getting impatient! lol
  13. yea me 2!
  14. its not here yet..
  15. oki, where would the link be for the bags that r on sale?? anyone???