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  1. hello ladies ,

    i ordered the d gold large tote yesterday from the sale , they sent me a confirmation email but i know its still subject to availability. how soon will they let me know if the bag is still available ?

    i remember the first time i tried ordering from their sale , they emailed me right away about the bag not available . but now its next day since i placed the order , no email yet .

    does this mean , my order went through . if yes , i am feeling lucky . i got the bag for $370 from $960..

    my hopes are high..

  2. Wow! You got a steal. They say it takes 24-48hours to get a shipping confirmation. I ordered shoes yesterday and haven't seen the ship confirmation email yet. Good luck (to both of us!).
  3. That's a great price. Is it leather? I just checked the site and I don't see a large d gold in the sale section.

  4. i think its the canvas with the gold handle. cant wait to know if its still available. i was lucky yesterday to check, they still had a couple of great bags with great prices , but today , they are almost gone..
  5. this is the bag that i got , well not yet really , still waiting for shipment info.. good luck to me
  6. sorry my link it not clickable... i dont know how to post a better link or pics..
    can someone teach me how... thanks.
  7. Don't forget to check your spam. My shipping confirmations from them ALWAYS go into my spam!

  8. thanks.. ive been checking today , nothing yet . does this mean that the bag i ordered is available ? i dont want to expect too much... i will keep you posted if i hear something..
  9. Sometimes they send a order update of my bags took a month before it was shipped out....but i did get it!

  10. Oh that is a very pretty bag:tup:. You got a great deal.