is real busy!!!

Jul 4, 2007
Las Vegas, NV
I ordered a new brit large tote a few days ago but decided to check after midnight to see if anything new was on sale. I have been looking for the perfect everyday purse so I ordered the new brit hobo. It was an impulse but the price was right and I have a feeling it will be perfect.

Anyway I tried to place the order and I waited and waited and waited and it never went to the confirmation that order was placed page. I didn't know what to do so I placed the order again. I only got one confirmation # and one email so I assume only one order went through. I emailed them to confirm one order. All I can assume is the website myst be REALLY busy.

Can't wait to get my new bags (one for work one for fun) and see pics of everyone elses.
:yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:


I <3 bags!
Mar 26, 2007
So Cal
Yey! Yeah I just also ordered from and it took awhile to get my confirmation and my email... I'm so happy about the sale prices... such good deals! Can't wait to see your new bags :tup: