is having it's annual 25% OFF TODAY ONLY! wohooo!

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    hehe APRIL FOOLS! lol...sorry i couldnt help it :smile:


    anyone actually fall for it? lol!!!???
  2. Oh wow... i actually did for a second -.-"
  3. gotta admit you got me for a second...i just read about the sales only being 2 times a year etc too....

    but i have opened in another tab and was about to do some splurging so your post was music to my ears and wallet
  4. luved you almost got me there!!! :sweatdrop: My heart started to beat fast and I got all excited and was thinking about all that things that I was planning to get but waiting for a sale. LOL yikes! :shame:
  5. lol this is cute =] u got me :P
  6. hehehehehehehe sorry i was so excited to do that! lol!!!

    but what WOULD you guys get if it WAS 25% off???
  7. You hooker!! I went to to snag my silver flats I have been wanting...that was mean! LOL!
  8. IM BANNING U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    BACK AT YA!!!!
  9. I wish it were true :sad: Good one!
  10. LMAO!!! hahaha you had me for a min... too funny!
  11. ahhhh i fell for lol
  12. oh wow.. and im almost in to regret mode that i got something from the site yesterday! thats a good one!
  13. You bad girl!

  14. I fell for it. :sad:
  15. that was a good me too