do sales?

  1. hello has open from some months...I hope that they will put do sales?thaks kiss sissi
  2. Yes, they do have sales.. in fact there was one this past Tuesday where everything was 10% off plus free shipping. They have a sale every June and Dec where things are marked 30%-40% off depending on the item, but the selection online wasn't that great.
  3. ok thanks,I am italian,I hope that do sales on decembre kiss sissi
  4. I think it's only for the US site. Wait for confirmation. The US girls would know.
  5. Online sale is usually only online....howeve I think italy does have their usual in store sale!
  6. thank you,usually in italy the sales begin in december-january...I hope that they do sale...thanks kiss sissi
  7. Does anyone know when their online sales in December begin? thank you!
  8. The online sales will start on December 3rd for US site.
  9. Does in store sale happen worldwide? Do they do it at the same time? All items go on sale or just selected?
  10. Thank you!!:tup: