cancelled my order!

  1. A few days ago I went to:


    and bought two pairs of shoes. I got a confirmation email from saying that my order was processed. So this afternoon I get an email from Customer Service telling me that the two items I ordered will not be shipped because the sale is over. I find it odd that I was forwarded the URL, allowed to make the purchase and had my credit card charged (checked it online the next day) but now they are telling me that I can't get my shoes! ARGH....:cursing:

    I am sad now --- I had dreams of the boots and the sneakers -- now I will go cry.
  2. That sucks... perhaps you can call customer service and plead your case? If it wasn't stated anywhere that the sale would end at a certain time perhaps you can ask them to honor the price at the time the order was processed.
  3. I think this was the "shopping gods" way of telling me I didn't need the shoes - merely wanted them. However, on the upside, I was feeling so depressed that I went to the web site and found this tote Gucci - Tote -

    Then the wonderful happened -- that moment when the shopping gods take pity on you and give you all the things you need to have a perfect shopping experience. Earlier today I was at the Saks store and opened up a charge card -- this allowed me to get 10% off on top of the additional 50% on sale items. I realized that I could also use the card to get 10% off for online purchases. So I went about looking to see if anything tickled my fancy online -- which the above tote did. Then being the cheapskate I am, I went to look for a free shipping code but came across a code that allowed me to receive an additional 10% off on top of the 10% I was getting through being a new card holder.

    So I called the 866 number and spoke with a customer rep who confirmed that I could do that -- and then she threw in free shipping when I jokingly asked (she said it was a way to apologize for the web site issues they had over the weekend). So in any case, while I lost out on two pairs of shoes that I liked, I gained a bag/tote that I have been eyeing and almost paid full price for -- I feel vindicated now !!!!
  4. WOOHOO!!! You were obviously meant to have the fab tote instead of shoes!:yahoo:
  5. :p ^ A girl after my own heart! Just how I like to shop! I just keep digging and digging and somehow I get that diamond in the rough on mega sale! Good job! Congrats on the goods! --Enjoy!! :heart: Emmy
  6. Do they make the tote that you got in a shoulder bag type of style?

  7. so..... you got the bag for 70% off?? :nuts: ..... $141!?!? .....
  8. thats awesome!