Gucci? Classic Choice?


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Oct 15, 2005
Hey Everybody!

SO I have a problem, and I need help! I went window browsing today at the mall, and I went into Saks, I tried on the fendi purse, to see if I was still feeling the style, and I still LOVE it, don't get me wrong...but I have a feeling they might be out of style by this coming summer? Is it more of an IT bag? Or should I go with a classic, like Gucci, or Fendi? I kind of want to wait till Christmas/ Jan. to see if the Spy is still going strong, but until then, these are what I feelin', can you give imput to what I should buy! Thanks, I know you guys will have good input.


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I am soooo NOT a Gucci fan lol

About the spy though, I think it may be losing momentum, at least here. There are always at least a few spy bags available @ the Fendi boutique here. Plus they have started being available on elux, and they were usually always sold out before. I've seen some spy bags on there for a few days, so to me its either that no one is checking there, or that they just aren't in demand as much as they used to be. Still awesome bags, and I'm still picking up the hologram spy hobo when they call me, but I just think its losing speed. It'll still look nice after the trend fades, but if you're into the whole IT bag thing IMO you should probably wait until the next one comes along.
Hehe, some IT bags I like, their CUTE , thats why their "it" Like the spy, it's the only one I have loved for a year or so, But gucci or fendi is what I'm going for...or Christian Dior. just love to see what you guys think!
i personally dont own any gucci bags but the horsebit bag DID catch my eye. its a wonderful shape and a generous size. I just dont think the price tag is worth it ($1000+)
As far as the other bags go, go with your gut. Its usually right. If you think the bag that you really want will be out of style and you wont want to wear it anymore then dont buy it.
You'll beat yourself up later.:suspiciou

On the other hand. Even if the bag is "out of style" that does not mean you can wear it w/ confidence. i'm not sure what the bag looks like but as long as its not over the top with a raindow of colors I'm sure you can wear it whenever you want. it your personal style.

Others will admire you for it. Sometimes we have to ignore "what's in and what's out" :lol:
Personally, I'd go with a classic bag if you already don't have one lurking around in the back of your closet first. So if you buy a fad bag later, and it goes out of style relatively quickly, you can at least fall back on the good old classic.

I'm also looking into investing in a Gucci bag, although probably not the horsebit hobo just because everyone seems to be rocking that. Maybe the small bamboo one that's new to this season or the half moon.