Gucci classic bags

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  1. i know its weird to ask as the name "classic" explains it all but do you think the gucci classic bags ever go out of style or are out dated.
  2. IMO they never go out of style. The jackie (both the old one and the new one), the chain hobo and the pelham are classics. I'm sure there are other bags that can go on this list. can I forget the blondie collection.
  3. the reason i am asking is that i plan to invest in a gucci sukey tote but don't want it to go out of style in a few years time. for me it is big money
  4. I think this bag is really a classic and its going to look great with most outfits. Its sophisticated and timeless. Trust me, I understand completely about the money, but if you really want it I think you'll get joy from it :smile:
  5. I agree. I think the sukey is a classic too.
  6. The Sukey was destined to become a classic when it first came out. I love the style and it will definitely last you for years to come.