Gucci chat thread! (Round 2!!!)

  1. I was thinking the same thing until I remembered that I already own a blue (myrtle) Epi Alma and the matching wish bracelet. That cobalt blue Techno Boston is stunning and at a great price!
  2. That Techno Boston in cobalt blue is a beauty!
  3. I really want that blue techno boston but i cant get a hold of Maritsa :sad: I hope its not sold out!
  4. Try asking for Enrique.
  5. they told me the only person that can help me is maritza ... I got yessica to call them for me and the bag is sold out.... im so bummed..... thanks Expy00!
  6. ^^^Yeah, they only had 1 available. I hope someone here got it.
  7. thanks for the wishes =) i'm kinda upset because this was going to be our anniversary wkend and we were going to spend it just us. however, the bf has a good friend and his bday is next wkend. next wkend is one of my best friend's bday and i emailed the bf's good friend asking him when he's planning to celebrate his bday so i can make sure the two days don't coincide. sooooo the bf's stupid friend decided to do his bday this wkend, but it's my anniversary wkend! =( should i be nice and sacrifice sat night for his friend?

    we don't really have much planned. we're going to dinner fri after work. sat, i have the BoA CC and the first of every month, you get free admission to certain museums. so on sat, we were going to visit a museum and have a brunch/lunch and just walk around the city, lounge in central park. sun, we were going to make the drive to mitsuwa and do some shopping in the jersey malls.

    ugh, what do i do?

    envy - how come only marissa can help you? that's so odd.
  8. Flipchickmc: Happy Belated Birthday!! So did you get your silver wallet yet?

    Ang2383: Congrats on your 7th yr annverisary!!
  9. Thx aeonat! I haven't picked up my wallet yet. I may have to wait a few weeks and go during 2nd markdowns - LOL! I got a GC to Gucci for my b-day and that could go towards something from the sale or towards the Grey Bamboo Bar Tote. Still need to see that IRL though.
  10. flip - haha thinking about second markdowns already! i didn't even think that far haha..
  11. Haha - I really want to get some shoes but the ones I want are still in the high $500-$800 range right now.
  12. Suuuuuuuuukey ..... :drool:

  13. ^^Sweet!! Luv that bag Lori - total find!
  14. lori the sukey looks beautiful! Thanks for posting an up close pic of it.
  15. :smile:Flip Happy B'day! Did you have a nice B'day?