Gucci chat thread! (Round 2!!!)

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  1. Aw sorry. I bought a python bag and it had a cites doc. Whenever I’ve looked at snake bags in store it had the doc in the bag. It’s just a piece of paper with origin of skin etc. I hope you get your bag.
  2. Ugh I wish I could have told the dhl people to look in the bag! They told me I had to give them written permission to return to the shipper or US customs would seize it :sad: I contacted the vendor and asked them to please send the docs and they emailed two pages in Italian that were included in the paperwork sent to dhl, so that didn’t amount to much. I’m just bummed, it was such a beautiful bag. Thank you @snibor for the supportive reply :flowers:
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  3. Help me decide!! I have brixton loafers in black, would like to get some princetowns for summer town between pink or the brown leather (beige looking)? Also do these fit similar to the brixtons or narrower? Thanks!
  4. Hi all,
    Today I bought my first Gucci bag (a Dionysus WOC) from the Old Street Store in London. When I got home and unwrapped the bag I noticed one of the rhinestones had fallen out, and another was chipped.

    I'm obviously devastated as I'd only had the bag for a matter of hours and would not expect this issue to occur from an item at this price point! Has anyone else had quality issues with this bag and has anyone had any experience exchanging/refunding a faulty item from gucci?
  5. Second one I’ve seen recently! Even the tires have the gg logo. Very cool. IMG_5540.JPG
  6. :tup:
  7. There's an Old Street store? Do you mean Bond St store? Just take it back they're repair it or give you a new one if they have the same variation.
  8. Usually the Brixtons are a bit more roomy
  9. ♫♪♫ I'm Back In Love Again...♫♪♫ (remember that song from the eighties?) On eBay now going for $2980. PT, do we have an approx. year on this beautiful vintage? Seems it belongs in a Gucci museum to me. If I owned it, it would be behind glass and never, ever used.
    VINTAGE.jpg VINTAGE 2.jpg VINTAGE 3.jpg
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  10. The bag's date fits perfectly with the song (although I don't know the song) as it's 1980s :tup:
  11. It depends on the width of your foot. I have very narrow feet and the fit is perfect in Brixton. Can't wear Princetown at all
    as I kick right out of them. Normal to wde foot I would say go for your usual size for Princetown model.
  12. simply stunning bag... and I think the song you are referring to is by the group 'LTD' featuring the voice of Jeffrey Osborne
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  13. I bought several Gucci items while in Milan and had an account. While I was in the Gucci store in Chicago they couldn’t find my account.

    Is there a way to track down my accounts and get them merged?
  14. It could be that because Milan is in Europe and Chicago is in the US they don't 'talk yo each other'. I think different territories have different data banks. Gucci US is actually a different company although both owned by Gucci.
  15. Would anyone know if I could order a strap for the Lady Web bag- I scored one at a great price second hand. It misses the fabric strap- hence the price. As I didn’t get it from the boutique would they decline to do this? I used to buy bags and shoes from them years ago but not recently so got no regular S.A. etc.. Thanks!
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