Gucci chat thread! (Round 2!!!)

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  1. #2911 Feb 4, 2019
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    Does anyone know the correct size measurements for the Guccissima Web hobo bag (large in particularly)? I want to purchase the bag but I want to buy the larger size and not the medium. I called Gucci and they weren't helpful.

    Thanks for any assistance or suggestions.
  2. Strange that as Gucci itself has got so much re popular this forum has suffered because there are fewer discount sales etc.

    Strangely. I went into Gucci in London (Bond St) Thursday to see some jewellery and it was practically empty. First time I haven't waltzed in past a queue for around 3 years. Sign of the downturn to come? Perhaps this forum will pick up again :biggrin:
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  3. Agreed, gorgeous but I would never have another seriously vintage patent Gucci bag.