Gucci chat thread! (Round 2!!!)

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  1. #2911 Feb 4, 2019
    Last edited: Feb 4, 2019

    Does anyone know the correct size measurements for the Guccissima Web hobo bag (large in particularly)? I want to purchase the bag but I want to buy the larger size and not the medium. I called Gucci and they weren't helpful.

    Thanks for any assistance or suggestions.
  2. Strange that as Gucci itself has got so much re popular this forum has suffered because there are fewer discount sales etc.

    Strangely. I went into Gucci in London (Bond St) Thursday to see some jewellery and it was practically empty. First time I haven't waltzed in past a queue for around 3 years. Sign of the downturn to come? Perhaps this forum will pick up again :biggrin:
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  3. Agreed, gorgeous but I would never have another seriously vintage patent Gucci bag.
  4. Why is that, PT??? I'm guessing patent doesn't age well?? Because out of all my patent bags (which are delicate and a pain, I must admit, but still love them all the same) I find that Gucci and my LV's have kept up the best and I've owned A LOT.
  5. Maybe it's just mine. I was given a 1969 patent leather bag and the finish went soft. Can't wrap it, put it away or let anything touch its sides. PITA! Have to keep it though as it's so special.
  6. I am loving the new GG horsebit thing.
  7. A lot of new bags up on the US website.
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  8. Does anyone have any tips or hints with ordering a backordered item?

    I've searched old threads and didn't think making a new one would garner many replies.

    I ordered the Gucci GG Supreme Key Case. The backorder date was between 03/22 - 04/05/19. The dates are now 04/04 - 04/15/19. Will the date keep extending or do they fulfill orders people purchase on a backordered item?

    Thank you! :smile:
  9. Saw this car at the bank with “ Gucci” on it? I just googled and had no idea this was a thing.
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  10. I’ve seen these around,but very rarely, it’s the Gucci edition Fiat 500!
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  11. Gucci Fiat. They are rare. I think they made them in 3 colours, red, green or white naturally :biggrin:
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  12. Yes! Being a Gucci lover I did a double take! I kept asking myself am I reading the back of that car correctly? Then I googled. Ha!
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  13. So thrilled for you, thanks for the pic. Like spotting a rare bird
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  14. I got a call from my SA today that they’re FINALLY getting in the Flora print Rajah tote that I preordered!!! I was starting to get worried as it had disappeared off the Japanese site, but it looks like it’ll arrive just in time for me to hit up the Zumi event when I go pick it up. I’m so excited, definitely will post a ton of pics once I have it :loveeyes:
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  15. I’m so sad, the mini Dionysus I ordered from an Italian boutique got held at customs and has to be returned to shipper because they didn’t include the proper documentation :sad: It turns out that bc it’s a genuine snakeskin bag, it requires a CITES document to get into the US. I know snakeskin is illegal in California bc all the dept stores mention in bold that it can’t be shipped to CA, but there is no issue with NY, so this was all very surprising and confusing to me. I’m sharing for anyone that might get into this position in the future ordering from an overseas vendor to the US: make sure they include the proper docs before sending to you. This was such a waste of time and energy to ultimately get me nowhere and for even worse news, the customs rep told me it could take a really long time for them to get the item back to the vendor - from a few days to a few months to release it!! That’s CRAZY. Thanks for letting me share..