Gucci chat thread! (Round 2!!!)

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  3. Hopefully this is the right place to start this thread.
    What are your thoughts on the Gucci Marmont bags holding their value? I would really like to get one, but they are trending so strongly right now I worry they may not be considered as much of a 'classic' in a few years. I have the Soho bag and that has held its value, but do you think the Marmont will become a 'classic' as well?
  4. It’s a classic shape in general but yes it’s very trendy right now and I think eventually it will die down as new bags come out. I think. In terms of holding value, I wouldn’t count on it. Few bags retain their value. But if you like it, why not?
  5. Okay...WHY??? Why this?? I guess I'm just not getting it. :sad: tres piggies.JPG
  6. Ya I was looking at all the pig stuff last night. It’s year of the pig. I won’t be buying.
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  7. As snibor mentioned above. Yes it’s the Chinese year of the pig. I realized this after seeing Louis Vuitton bandeaus with pigs on them.

    Not a fan either.