Gucci chat thread! (Round 2!!!)

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  3. Hopefully this is the right place to start this thread.
    What are your thoughts on the Gucci Marmont bags holding their value? I would really like to get one, but they are trending so strongly right now I worry they may not be considered as much of a 'classic' in a few years. I have the Soho bag and that has held its value, but do you think the Marmont will become a 'classic' as well?
  4. It’s a classic shape in general but yes it’s very trendy right now and I think eventually it will die down as new bags come out. I think. In terms of holding value, I wouldn’t count on it. Few bags retain their value. But if you like it, why not?
  5. Okay...WHY??? Why this?? I guess I'm just not getting it. :sad: tres piggies.JPG
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  6. Ya I was looking at all the pig stuff last night. It’s year of the pig. I won’t be buying.
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  7. As snibor mentioned above. Yes it’s the Chinese year of the pig. I realized this after seeing Louis Vuitton bandeaus with pigs on them.

    Not a fan either.
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  8. I think I’m the only one that finds the three little pigs super cute. Brings back memories. I’m not sure if I’ll be investing in anything from that collection but it’s super cute.
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  9. Actually, after hearing it is the Chinese year of the pig I am warming up a bit to the entire pig thing. If it must be, then I must admit I like this Gucci tote pig image the best (vs. LV).
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  10. Gucci seems so popular now. Can we get this forum a little more active? Lol. In need of more active Gucci peeps.
  11. I concur. :smile:

    My problem was that I wandered off to LV and got lost. :lol:
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  12. Nice. On eBay now. I like. vintage gucci.jpg
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  13. Quick question, are they still using those pink bags or something new? Haven’t been to the store in a minute and missed those cute packaging lmao. I’m legit going to buy something just to get it
  14. I think they were only available for the Christmas New Year holidays. You may be able to ask if you can have one if they have any left in stock.