Gucci chat thread! (Round 2!!!)

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  1. Could someone please tell me if Gucci actually makes this earring? I saw it on etsy but couldn't find it on Gucci. Thank you!
  2. Just wondering...there’s a lot of early intel for other brands like Louis Vuitton. I follow certain instagrammers who post bags coming out etc. Are there any like this for Gucci? Other than watching or reading about the fashion shows, I don’t know of any bloggers or peeps on Instagram who have early info about what’s coming out etc.
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    Hi everyone! I purchased a Gucci Marmont medium matelassé shoulder bag at the Mall in florence Italy (outlet). I purchased the bag in pink, and now I wish I didn’t buy it in pink (just realized the Seacaucus NJ outlet has the bag in the mauve/taupe color). Was wondering if anyone thought I’d have any luck swapping the bag in NJ for the mauve color? This is my first Gucci purchase, so I’m not sure how strict they are as far as returns/ exchanges. Thanks in advance for any help!
  4. Does anyone have SA in the Cabazon outlet?
  5. Gucci's own insta feed ad their FB page are pretty good
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  6. You could ask the guys and gals in the deals discussion thread
  7. This was posted in the celebrities and Gucci thread Kylie Jenner. Is this supposed to be fashion? Low class ridiculous. When I look at celebrities from the 1930s, 1940s, 1950s what a difference. Sigh.

  8. One of the reasons I watch movies from the 1930's is for the clothing! TBS channel has these gorgeous movies. I esp. appreciate designer Orry-Kelly.
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  9. I concur... even the men really cared about what they wore back then... indoors and out. I guess I am a throwback from that era... I'm a man, and stylish men will NEVER change... either they stay sharp or get sloppy... but they will never change. (I'm allergic to the later)
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  10. Just received another pair of Gucci socks for Christmas ... Love me some Gucci !
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  11. Me too!
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  12. I received a large bottle of Gucci Bamboo perfume for Christmas and can I say it is one of my favourite scents?! It doesn't blow me away until I actually spray it on and it works well with my body chemistry. Also I have been getting a lot of compliments on this scent from men.:lol: I normally don't get compliments on scent from anyone when I use my other perfumes..
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  13. That is your signature scent... stick with it for as long as you can... hopefully you'll keep receiving the Gucci Bamboo perfume for as long as you like... you can also hint to future gifter(s) of your perfume of choice... Many years ago, I received a gift of Clive Christian Number 1 cologne for men and everyone loved the way it smelled on me... when I ran out, I went to Bergdorff Goodman to replace, (it's only sold there and in Paris) and to my shock... it's almost a thousand dollars for that little bottle ! I wound up spending more than that trying to achieve the same effect, but to no avail. I eventually went back to and now currently using my signature scent... Clive Christian Number 1. Stick with your new signature scent Gucci Bamboo perfume !
  14. Lovin' this on eBay now. There is just something about a Gucci horsebit that makes me drool!!!!! GUCCI EBAY.jpg
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  15. Ohhhhh...I WANT!!!! (...on eBay now for 4500) GUCCI VINTAGE3.jpg