Gucci chat thread! (Round 2!!!)

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  1. My mom is a bit shorter than you and she looks great with her soho. :smile:
  2. My new double g drivers!
  3. I'm thinking about getting one like this-

    Here's my thoughts- please correct me if I'm wrong .
    I think this will work great for a WOC , running errands and stuff.
    I think it could also be used as a wallet if needed and lastly I think I could use it as a mini makeup pouch when it gets too worn out to use as a wallet inside of my bag or a WOC ( using it as my bag) .
    So I think it's worth the money because I can use it for a very long time and it's versatile.
    Thoughts? Opinions?
  4. Your new Gucci outfit: $6,000.00
    Your bank's response to you running in to cash a check: Priceless

    Gucci, not just for gangsters.
    [Gucci ad campaign Fall 2018] [really]
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  5. I may have nightmares from this. :sad:
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  6. When chatting with someone you find attractive, you might try to make yourself seem interesting. You try to make a good impression by saying the right things and casting yourself in a good light. You may choose to emphasize certain things about yourself more than others, in order to make yourself stand out from the crowd. And you might wear Gucci.

    Gucci, because first impressions can be tough.
  7. Great! Now I'll have an outfit for the next time I want to hold up a gas station or for when i haven' went for my collagen and various facial filler injections this year so need to hide .
    At least they'll know I'm fashionable!
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  8. Because who wouldn't want to look like a classy female teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle?
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  9. Although I agree with you about the versatility and usefulness, at the end of the day, when I look at it, all I see is a pouch.
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  10. Speaking as someone who used to live above the Arctic Circle, I can see the practicality.

    I like everything but the mask here (the mask separately would be OK, say with a black outfit on a cold day). It's kind of a Chanel pastiche

    I would buy the balaclava for the cold snap but the colouring is unfortunate. It looks like she's shaved the top of her head (and I don't like the large GGs).

    C+ Gucci must try harder and do their homework.
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  11. I think with a more subdued outfit, you can absolutely rock it. One word of caution...I have seen a couple Velvet marmonts used daily and they do show their wear pretty quickly.
  12. Thank you for providing your opinion. It made me really think about it and I think you have a valid point. I may wait to find something with a little more wow factor.
    The more I look at it now- the more it does just look like a makeup pouch. I think I could find a better item for the price point that doesn't necessarily look like a makeup bag.
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  13. I think this is the one of the best brand that we have. you should try it
  14. Lovely shoes whoever made them
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  15. Indeed, can’t believe I got these Gucci loafers at an awesome price!!!