Gucci "charmy" Ordeal

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  1. Candidly, I have to admit, In the 1980's, I once knowingly purchased a fake LV in TJ for under $60. I knew it was fake and informed the person I got it for that it was NOT the real thing and that at the time I could not afford the real deal. Now, in the new millenium, with a new infant in the house, I have been doing all my holiday shopping online. Most of it at Amazon. The key difference today... I am now married to a savvy woman who not only deserves authentic quality, but would be able to tell a fake in a heartbeat.

    I ordered a Gucci "Charmy" tote from Modaparty ( Moda Party dot com)
    It was presented as authentic with a 15 day return policy. I figured they were affiliated with Amazon, they must be legit. I get the bag in record speed, only to see that the leather handles were stiff and seemed stamped with a leather impression. The signature fabric had an odd sheen in the light. The hexagon logo bolts were stamped, not engraved, and clearly lightweight. The hardware connecting the handle to the bag was hollow and even more lightweight. The dustbag has a small, cheap and very lightweight nylon label inside. The contralato card is paper and generically states: "123456789" along with a poorly printed care guide. I payed over $400 for the bag all said and done. Only to know at first glance and with increasing scrutiny that it was a cheap attempt at a fake.

    Prior to this experience I ordered a bag small "Gucci" messenger bag from discount designers (discount-designers dot com.) The day I ordered it I had a gut feeling it might be a fake despite the $245 price tag. I did online research and found a company in asia with a website promoting the bag to vendors for next to nothing. I did further research and only found the bag being promoted by a few online vendors and at strangely low prices. I cancelled my order the day I made it (almost a week ago) and Discount Designers has failed to relply to my cancellation request.

    I now, after much personal aggitation with the online experiance, have opted to buy my wife's present at one of the boutiques. I'm leaning towards a Louis Vuitton.

    The only way to prevent other people having a bad online experience is for the people who know a sites to be a fakers have to rate the companies at places like nextag, shopzilla and amazon in order to warn future prospective buyers.

    In my online experiance I would have to say, CHEAP MEANS FAKE. And FAKE means your paying way too much for a bag of substandard quality from a vendor who knows full and well it's a fake!!!
  2. yeah a man has finally learned!!!!!!!! :welcome:
  3. I just got back from the LV boutique to look into purchasing a Batignottes Horizontal. I was surprised to learn that the bag was crafted in the U.S. and not in France. I was also surprised at how lightweight and hollow-feeling all the hardware on the bag felt. I believe in paying for quality. I think my wife's coach bags have a better level of quality than what I saw. The only thing I liked about the bag was the stitch work and the look. The "feel" was missing.

    Next stop, the Gucci Boutique, to see if their bags feel any better quality.
    Any recomendations on a high quality tote bag for my wife? Anyone have any info (Price and Dimensions) or feedback on the Trinity de Cartier bag?

    What about the Micheal Kors collection. Worthwhile?
  4. Go look at some Marc Jacobs bags, they're gorgeous!
  5. I don't know if you want a "big name" bag or not. Bottega Veneta has high quality bags, the prices are also up there, but they have a few bags on sale right now. (in handbags, you have to check each bag to see if it's a sale item, sort of inconvenient). At better prices, Cole Haan has a large variety of bags that are well-made, good leather.

    Side note: tho it's a coated canvas with leather trim, the LV Batignolles Horizontal is a great bag; most women who have it, love it.
  6. Good luck in your quest, but I agree with Boxermom, my Mom has the BH and LOVES it. She uses that bag ALL the time.

    I couldn't comment on Gucci because I only have a vintage one, but if you are still looking for LV, there are other lines, Epi and Suhali in leather which are equisite.

    Chloe has some beautiful bags too, and they carry them at Neiman Marcus and Nordstroms.
  7. BH is a gorgeous bag or speedy will be perfect for your wife too. They come in various line: monogram, epi, multicolore, etc... have checked that model? Speaking of online, have you tried eluxury (it's a legit seller)? They are having sale right now. Goodluck on finding the bag for your lovely wife :smile:
  8. I just picked out a super gorgeous Coach purse from their Outlet for hubby to buy me for Christmas and I am counting the minutes so that I can rip open the wrapping, take a photo, and post it here!!! LOL I LOVE IT!!!

    Of course I love several LV purses too but this was my first true "designer" bag so I tried to keep it to a low financial burden for him. :smile:

    Good luck!
  9. I took the moda party bag to the Gucci Boutique and they let me compare the bags. I ended up purchasing the same bag as the fake. It was about $200 more than I payed for the immitation, but I left with the knowledge and piece of mind that I had payed for the real thing. A bag made in Italy not Hong Kong! I am returning the fake bag to Moda Party ASAP. Thank you for your reponses. I think my wife is going to go all giddy when she see's the plush Gucci signature box inside the boutique's attractive handle bag. There really is a difference when you do it the right way and I highly recommend the Rodeo Drive boutique if you are in or around the LA area.


  10. I'm glad you found something you have confidence in. Your wife will adore it and you!!!
  11. There's nothing wrong with an LV being made in the U.S., and I'd prefer those bags myself over the French variety as it means my own countrymen made it. When it comes to hardware, you don't want it to be too heavy because that means it will BE heavy every single second you're carrying the bag.

    Coach and Michael Kors are technically quality, but you sure do pay a lot for a Chinese-made bag. The companies are making an even larger profit by charging luxury prices and cutting their costs to the bone.