Gucci "Charm" Tote Owners Question Please!

  1. I love the Gucci totes with charms, but unforunately I would like one that zips shut, leaving this season's selection out. I would like to try and buy one from eBay and I was wondering if anyone here had a tote from last season, a black one that zips up. I'm trying to compare an authentic one with one that I may bid on. I really hate to have to deal with eBay, but I love the bag.
  2. do you have a pic?
  3. if you need help authenticating, please post in the Authenticate This! sticky at the top of the Forum, we'll try to help!
  4. I have the Charms tote in 3 colors,Look in my bag showcase....but it is an OPEN top tote bag..they dont zip shut at all...Even this years..same style! Its a GREAT BAG!!!!!!!!!! why I HAD to have it in 3 colors......!!!LOL!
  5. [​IMG]the 3 top bags are the totes I have
  6. I like your black bag better than the one in the store! I'm just not crazy about the red and green stripe on this season's bag. Thanks Jill, I couldn't remember who it was who was lucky enough to have three bags - I just remembered seeing them. I should have guessed that you were the lucky lady!
  7. ^LOL! My fave is the cream and yellow gold one...that is really pretty too! They came out with new colors this year(These are LAST years!!)I think there is a purple striped one
  8. GReat bags jill!
  9. I love your black tote Jill!! :heart:
  10. Did you check I thought I saw a black gucci tote. I am not sure if its the one you r looking for.I , too am looking for a gucci beige and brown with the red and green stripes. Everything I saw on eBay LOOKED good, but I am too skeptical. I am still looking though.
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