Gucci chain medium hobo

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  1. My first post :smile:

    I am looking for a new handbag (my current one is the Louis Vuitton Speedy 25) and I want a Gucci this time around.

    I LOVE the large hobo but it's way too big for me.

    What are your opinions on the medium one? Does it slouch like the big one (love that)? Can someone post pictures of themselves with it, so I can get an idea of the sizing? (Holt Renfrew in Ottawa, Canada only carries the large one).


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  2. If the large is too big for you then the medium will be perfect. Unfortunately the medium does not have the sag. Great bag, i had it in the guccissima leather.
  3. i have this bag in medium with the gucci fabric and white/cream leather. i love it to death. the large one was just too big for me. it doesn't have that "sag" factor but it is a beautiful bag nonetheless.
  4. ^^makeupmama that's the color combo i like. I like the medium horsebit hobo in the canvas and white/cream trim. Do you know if that's still available?!

    scala i think the medium hobo will be a great addition to your bag collection and it will compliment your speedy 25 very nicely. :smile:
  5. hi mzleah! i got it from my gucci boutique here in manila (20% off too!) so i'm not sure about stocks anywhere else in the world. hope you find one. it's a truly adorable bag :love:
  6. It's been available on the website.
  7. I have them both, the large and the medium, in black canvas. I like them both a lot even though I don't use them as much as I should. I can't really say that I prefer one or the other. To me they are two very different bags even though the design is about the same.