Gucci Chain Horsebit Hobo

  1. I am IN LOVE with this bag. Anyone know how I can get an authentic one for less than $1270? I have a large Pelham that I'd be willing to trade/sell, but scared about selling it on eBay. I tried to join the marketplaza, but I've only been a member of this forum for 5 minutes (and can't believe I've missed it this entire time!!)! :drool: I thought this forum had Pms, but I don't see any, so email me at
  2. whoops, just read all the rules and need to edit out my email sorry!!!
  3. The only thing I can think of is eBay, thats where I was trying to purchase mine from to save some $ but with all the fakes I just gave up. Its a great bag and Im happy I purchased mine from Gucci for peace of mind, as well as having the bag come packaged beautifully. So if you can do that, I dont think you will regret it!!
  4. I would stay away from eBay. Way to many fakes.

    If you stick around here and contribute you can reapply to the MP. I think you have to be a member for 6 months and have 500 posts.... It is worth it. You will be amazed how fast time goes and how many posts you will have. I can't stay away from this place.

    Good Luck
  5. Thanks so much for the advice girls! I know, I am soooo addicted to this forum already! (and my dh thought I was crazy when I was with thebabywearer!!) That's why I'm afraid of Ebay - b/c of the fakes. I'm afraid of getting low-balled because people will think mine is fake! I was thinking of consignment shop, but I'm weary of the fact that I have to actually mail my purse to someone and let them keep it until it sells.
  6. I know this is totally off the subject but the bag in your avatar is one of my fav's!!! I have that pic saved on my computer so I can jut look at it:yes:
    Back to the subject - I do love the chain horsebit hobo - good luck!!
  7. I am in the same tough spot...I love this bag, but do not have the funds to spend so much cash on it...Ebay has become a hotbed for "good" replicas, so I have also given up looking there! Good luck and hopefully, we will both be Chain Hobo owners in the near future!!!
  8. *Update* DH went with me to gucci and had a fit when I showed him the chain I wanted to get. (but...but...but... the salesman told me they aren't getting any more of this style in and they only have 1 dark brown left!!!) ANYWAY, so I'm trying to sell stuff (ie. my other purses) to make some $ to buy a SECOND HAND chain...
    Anyway, I listed on craigslist last night and got soooo many calls. Now I'm starting to have seller's remorse! Should I just keep the "pelham"? OR, do you think it's worth giving up to possibly get the "chain"?
  9. Oooh.. Tough call. I have the Small Pelham and I love it. The Chain Hobo is hot as well and I know may people on the board have it. The only issue I have with the chain is that it kinda digs in my shoulder. I had tried on my friend's large chain hobo and although it's gorgeous, it still bothers me. Maybe someone who has both can give their opinion.
  10. I say keep the Pelham
  11. I have both, I have a black leather chain and brown leather trimed small pelham. I love both but both are must have in the closet. Pelham is too classy, too beutiful to give up.
  12. Gucci sometimes puts the seasonal colors or colors that are getting discontinued in the chain hobo on sale during their two big sales.
  13. tibu ~ so there are variations of the chain hobo each year?

    could you guys also help me out on this. i went to a gucci store and looked at the chain hobo but i couldn't remember if they come with the stitching at the bottom/bass of the bag. could you tell me that should be there?

    here's a photo:


    thanks ~ i appreciate it!
  14. I own the medium horsebit and it doesn't have the stitching on the bottom.
  15. Lady Peepers ~ i would think so too. It's just so hard to differentiate the real and the fakes, especially people claiming they are authentic and has receipt to prove.