Gucci Chain hobo

  1. Do you think the monogram Gucci chain 'horsebit' hobo will go out of style anytime soon? I'm hoping that it will be considered a classic.

  2. classic
  3. classic to me
  4. It's definitely a Gucci classic, but it's sooooo uncomfortable to carry imho:smile:
  5. Classic.

    Too bad there are so many fakes though!
  6. yeah, i hate all of the fakes. i see them a lot
  7. def classic. i sooo want one!
  8. This bag is a classic,which means that it will not go on sale "en mass" during a sale. However, there have been sightings in a couple of the outlets. The white leather version was available during the last sale, so you may get lucky in the future...However, there are many other great options, especially from the Cruise collection that you may have better luck with!!!!
  9. hello, im back! I just wanted to add that if you were having any doubts about this bag still being "in style"... here's proof that it still is. Jessica Alba is shown here with the large guccissima horsebit hobo in chocolate :drool: on january 19th, on her way to the sundance film festival in utah. HTH :flowers:

  10. Are you kidding? It's classic, will never go out of style no matter all the fakes out there.

  11. Love it in the guccissima leather! My new dream bag!
  12. Def. a classic. It is beautiful in the chocolate guccissima.
  13. I agree!

    To me, the fakes just destroy this bag for me. I have it and can't carry it confidently because of all the fakes. Don't know why I care so much!

    But this bag is definitely a classic... will never go out of style.
  14. It is a classic. If you go to the gucci website the chain hobo is listed under classic. I love that bag I have been wanting to get the large chain in black fabric

  15. Its been out for five years, if it hasnt gone out yet.....

    But Ooooooooooo @ that Jessica Alba pic. That was the one I was going to get but ended up with the large navy, which is absolutely divine btw. Im really trying to get away from logos right now.