Gucci Chain Hobo brass question

  1. Hi guys ~ I'm super new to Gucci (been a burberry gal for so long) .. I have a quick question regarding the Gucci Chain brass ware. I noticed on eBay that there are either ones in light gold or silver ones. Which one is the authentic Gucci? Could this bag come in two different variations??

    Thanks a lot!
  2. i'm not an expert either but according to the hardware should be light gold, not dark, and not silver.

    maybe someone who has an older model will say otherwise?
  3. I would say its light gold... I have the Large hobo with white/cream trim
  4. I have the medium monogram horsebit and the hardware is light gold. I bought mine in 2004.
  5. the black material hobo does have silver brass but for the other colors its light gold
  6. I have a cognac leather one and the hardware is light gold.
  7. My experience with Gucci is as follows: I have a black, fabric monogram bag currently listed on eBay and the hardware is silver. I recently sold a pink peau de soie bag and the hardware was rose gold. Another black calfskin tote I sold was a light gold (they call it "Palladium"). The two Gucci purses I have left are a vintage handbag with a bamboo handle and a chocolate, brown, fur hobo. Both have a true yellow gold hardware; so to answer your question, Gucci hardware is kind of all over the map. Don't take the risk, have My Poupette authenticate the bag prior to purchasing it. It will be the best $15 you ever spent.
  8. the hardware on my off-white leather horsebit is Light gold.
  9. medium chain hobo with dark brown leather trim = light gold (concur with lady peepers).
    medium pelham with white leather trim = light gold.