gucci catalogue ?

  1. any 1 own a gucci catalogue ? or does it exist ?
  2. yea....they mail one out every season
  3. i mean the real book.
  4. mail out as in email ? do they have it in hard copy ?
  5. I receiev an actual booklet magazine as a catlogue posted out to me- but im in the UK
  6. hey, how did they send it to u ? did u apply it online or ?
  7. They are only sent out to selected customers. Your details need to be on their system and you need to have purchased form either or gucci boutique and spent a certain amount of money to be sent a look book!
  8. oh. how i wish i had one. :sad:

  9. They're not that good they only have certain items in them, I get sent them seasonly. They are similar to the Dior ones! Good pics and display photos not really catalogues but look books and you get a better idea online anyway!
  10. oh. i see i see..does the cat. have alot of pages ?
  11. They are all at my other house - I think about 20-30 pages. Its A5 size, its more of a look book to inspire you to their new season pieces rather than a catalogue.
  12. oh i see. by chance do u stay near a lv boutique ?
  13. I get the actual books....and i think some of the pics are VERY well taken and make the shoes/bags look HOT HOT HOT! some are more creative than others...sometimes they send a cd of new stuff

    but mostly it's just a thicker than magazine like book with a piece of paper folder in there with the prices :smile: haha my mom actually hides them from me, it's sad! but i dont know how i started getting them, but ive gotten them for quiet a while now!
  14. IMO I still think that the websites have the most range etc.