Gucci Catalog

  1. Suprise suprise...:yahoo: i LOVE waking up, checking the mail and getting a brand new gucci catalog. Unfortantly, i got it last week and didnt get to thoroughly look through it until just now....yup im one of those chicks that busts out with a magnafying glass to view details haha :wacko:

    I didnt see anything EXCITING, but they had a few cute things

    Anyone see anything they loved??? :jammin:

    I just got the icon stardust earrings in pink gold with pink sapphires, i know i know they are old but i still loved them...they were a vday present from my brother! :smile: I was hoping they had some pink gold/sapphire braclet to go with it buttttttttt it all looked pretty much old.

    I didnt see ANYTHING new! :shrugs: what to do!