GUCCI care/cleaning FAQs

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  1. After viewing 42 threads, with useful information provided by papertiger and beejerry, i am finally able to compile it all in ONE thread due to the recent high volume of requests.


    Canvas/Fabric: For ink, stains, color transfer (esp from jeans), etc.

    - Spot Clean (Recommended): soap + water with toothbrush or damp cloth with gentle scubbing. REPEAT if needed. then air or blow dry.

    - babywipes (non-alcohol)

    - Products (NO ammonia, peroxide, or bleach):
    • stain remedy
    • apple guard
    • COACH cleaner
    • oxyclean + water
    • clorox stain pen (orange, NO bleach)

    Protection: stain/water repellant (scotch guard)


    - odour-eating sprays
    - room de-odours
    - pet deodorants
    - Products: Fabreze

    Leather (calf, lamb, guccissima): color transfer (esp from jeans), scuffs, etc.

    - IMPORTANT: keep moisturized (COACH, apple guard)

    - leather cream/conditioner

    - babywipes (non alcohol)

    - Products: COACH, apple guard

    Paid Cleaning Services

    - GUCCI
    - Avelle (
    - Neiman Marcus
    - Dry Cleaners (high-end): Margarets in CA.

    - if YOU know or like to share a site or dry cleaner in your area, PLEASE post for future refrence.


    • Name:
    • Cost:
    • Link:

    • Name:
    • State/Address:
    • Contact:
    • Cost:

    Vintage Pieces


    - pixiedust82:
    - How to clean a Gucci bag
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  2. FAQs on Leather
    by: papertiger

    Leather: Most Guccissma leather is lamb or calf. The lamb is prone to scuff more. Ask Gucci which leather your bag is and follow care instructions accordingly. Chanel forum have some excellent advice for the care of lamb's leather:

    Scuffs: For scuffs that have already happened, see if you can polish them out with a clear cream first and if that fails then exact same colour polish

    Fading: it is possible it is due to dryness. Most leather changes with time and its mostly due to humidity/dryness, sunlight or being stored in man-made fibre bags. Leather needs to breath (as it's skin obviously). Chemicals in some protector sprays can also damage bags in the long run.

    ALWAYS clean and moisturise bags even if you just leave them stored. Even once a year is better than nothing.

    Perhaps take it to Gucci to see if they can recommend treatment or recondition it for you. They usually tell you how much treatment will be before proceeding.
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  3. I'm just curious, does the canvas/fabric come with some sort of protection already on it? Does gucci coat their fabric with some sort of stain protection? I'm asking this because the first time I use my new gucci, a waitress knocked into our table and a few drops of my drink spilled on my new bag! Luckily it seemed to just roll right off and leave no stain, so I'm curious if there was already some sort of protection on it.
  4. I spoke to a SA in chanel a few weeks ago, who suggest me to try using baby powder cleaning leather bags. I tried. It's so hard to get them off completely! Please do not try =(
  5. This information was SO helpful! I had noticed that my 6-month old Gucci satchel had dark marks on both sides of the body of the bag. I panicked and thought that they might be color transfer. I did a search, found this thread, and used the Coach fabric cleaner.

    It worked perfectly! My bag looks all fresh and new! :biggrin:

    Thanks SO much for this advice!! :hugs:
  6. What about using something to protect the bag from rain such s the Apple Rain and Stain repellent?
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  7. Hi! I have a question does gucci Medium GG Boston joy have a white care tag stitch on the linning inside ? It's got Bunch of Symbols on the back of it? Thanks in advance & if I posted on wrong thread sorry.
  8. I have a question that I don't see posted anywhere. I just got a Jackie suede bag. I don't want to use it until I treat it. Can anyone suggest the best way?
  9. Do you mean nubuck?

    I have a Gucci suede Boston and I sprayed it with a protector but you don't have to worry with Gucci and suede/nubuck because unlike the leather they will clean your bag.

    If you do use a spray, make sure the anatomiser issues a fine even 'mist' and use it at the recommended distance.

    If you ever need to go back to Gucci for a clean, don't even hint to them you ever sprayed anything on your bag :ninja:
  10. If its coated canvas then happily most liquid stains will wipe off as the canvas is plasticised, don't spill curry dye or get chwing gum on it though ;)

    Stupid SA, not only will it take forever to get it off (try a baby brush and then the softest toothbrush for hard to get at places) but it can dry the skin out and block the pores.

    She probably confused old advice for getting odours out of fur (but which also dries the skin).

    It's up to you but most protector sprays are like hairspray, they seal the leather which helps stop the appearance of dirt and keeps the rain out but the same act also means you won't be able to feed so your bag will be prone to dryness and cracking.
  11. A list of safe products for cleaning is #1 of this thread.

    Regularly cleaning and feeding your bag will protect your bag without the drying out of the skin that most water repellents do ;)

    Only extra needed ingredient is elbow-power :ninja:
  12. very great tips!
  13. baby wipes are a terrible product to use as they have a high akaline content to nuetralise urine. This is very bad for leather finishes and will cause premature aging of the leather.

    In general home remedies are not a good idea and you should use only a specific product for the type of leather you have. There are several very good products out there, but these are usually not the big name brands, as they tend to be mass produced with harsher chemicals which get the job done, but dont worry about what damage they do in the long run. Stick with the smaller handbags focused brands like LovinMyBags, The Handbag Spa (THBS) or Apple. But apple products are sometimes designed for shoes and not as good on handbags.
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