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Jul 1, 2019
Hi everyone! i just purchased a Gucci Dionysus in the taupe suede and canvas material and was wondering if anyone has suggestions to protect the suede part? Ive heard of people using nubuck spray, any thoughts on that if so what is the best brand? Ive already got a small stain on it, trying to prevent more! thanks in advance!


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Feb 25, 2020
After viewing 42 threads, with useful information provided by papertiger and beejerry, i am finally able to compile it all in ONE thread due to the recent high volume of requests.


Canvas/Fabric: For ink, stains, color transfer (esp from jeans), etc.

- Spot Clean (Recommended): soap + water with toothbrush or damp cloth with gentle scubbing. REPEAT if needed. then air or blow dry.

- babywipes (non-alcohol)

- Products (NO ammonia, peroxide, or bleach):
  • stain remedy
  • apple guard
  • COACH cleaner
  • oxyclean + water
  • clorox stain pen (orange, NO bleach)
Protection: stain/water repellant (scotch guard)


- odour-eating sprays
- room de-odours
- pet deodorants
- Products: Fabreze

Leather (calf, lamb, guccissima): color transfer (esp from jeans), scuffs, etc.

- IMPORTANT: keep moisturized (COACH, apple guard)

- leather cream/conditioner

- babywipes (non alcohol)

- Products: COACH, apple guard

Paid Cleaning Services

- Avelle (
- Neiman Marcus
- Dry Cleaners (high-end): Margarets in CA.

- if YOU know or like to share a site or dry cleaner in your area, PLEASE post for future refrence.


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Vintage Pieces


- pixiedust82:
- How to clean a Gucci bag

I hope someone can help. When using a repellent (collonil carbon pro) on my Gucci Dionysus, do I have to cover the metal chain and clasp first or can I just spray it all over?

Xo Ramona


Oct 11, 2013
I've never tried it, but products made for UGGs by UGGs sound like a safe bet. Thank you for the recommendation, I may try their protector on my suede Bal boots after testing on my sheerling slippers. So far I've used Scotchgard which has been fine, but it's supposed to be reapplied time after time. They also do a protector for canvas which I need to get another of (Gucci certainly don't clean canvas)

Normally with Gucci leather I say don't use anything but for suede and nubuck even I use a protector (and don't tell Gucci when having cleaned).

OP, just make sure you test with a coloured suede/nubuck piece that doesn't matter first, whatever brand you tr, and test every time you change brands. Spray it lightly (more lightly that boots) and from a distance. Some of them with change lighter colours darker, and some dull the colour.
Yes, the canvas with the beige suede details

i just used the scotchgard spray for nubuck and suede on my gucci dionysus and it has made the color much darker :sad: it hasnt gotten lighter and its been a few hours. has this happened to you?


May 23, 2009
i just used the scotchgard spray for nubuck and suede on my gucci dionysus and it has made the color much darker :sad: it hasnt gotten lighter and its been a few hours. has this happened to you?

You may have applied too much in one go. Dry out completely (longer than you think) and brush with a gentle brush (like a baby's brush) very softly and see if that helps.
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Aug 4, 2020
Hi everyone. I have a white coated Leather Gucci that has terrible black scuffs on it and nothing is working to remove them. I have tried leather cleaner, magic eraser, soap, even nail polish remover and it has done nothing. I was worried I would damage the material but it has shockingly not been affected at all. Has anyone had any luck getting rid of major marks on this type of material?


Jul 13, 2010
Hello ! I recently found this (what I believe to be authentic?) vintage Gucci bag at an estate sale. The leather blue interior is leaving blue on my hands etc. The dye is coming off. Does anyone have any ideas on how to fix ? TIA everything else about the bag is in great shape !
A8E571A4-ECEE-47DE-BD77-D20B67925D45.jpeg 7E22A1FE-5585-4F9E-B9AD-D8C093ACDFEF.jpeg 776AF792-2652-408B-BAFC-4FBB9E5FAB5C.jpeg A6DFCBE6-01DF-4A8E-9B9A-057916E9BF3A.jpeg 992ACA58-88D1-4CB5-BCA1-215402D4B64F.jpeg


Jul 14, 2021
Dear Gucci Ladies,
I purchased a lovely Kelly-inspired Gucci Lady Lock in dark Navy Blue. Unfortunately due to bad storage it has some stains on the front from a chain that were added as a strap. The rest of the bag is in good condition and I really love it. Does anyone of you has experience with repairing / fixing stains like this? Thank you so much in advance!

And if anyone of you might know from which decade it is, would be very interesting!







May 23, 2009

I don't think those depression marks will ever come out I'm afraid. Looks like someone store something really heavy and roundish (like a hat box) and much more on top for a good many years.

Just cleaning and massaging no-colour leather cream in every few months will get the marks out better than one or two major restoration sessions.


Aug 15, 2021
Hi, so going to add this here just as a warning. I watched a YouTube video from a Singapore YouTuber Mimi Le about bag cleaning and purchased HavreDeluxe (I am in Hong kong). My hot pink Gucci bag went bluish purple. My canto speaking daughter-in-law contacted the Company Sofour where I purchased it. They told her they didn’t handle the complaints email head office. I emailed the head office in UK and was told by applying it with kitchen towel I applied it wrong so my fault. When I sent them photos of Mimi Le’s video applying the product with a paper towel and the HavreDeluxe company praising her they said my bag had pre existing conditions.
I then asked if this could happen to any bag and they replied yes. There were also no ingredients on the bottle. Products from other countries normally have a bilingual sticker so ingredients etc. I asked them to provide me with a link for the warning and they stopped replying.
I couldn’t get in yesterday (new grandchild and 2 1/2 year old lol) but got the Hong Kong WhatsApp where I explained everything with pics and got no reply.
After application the bag does dry to just lightly seeing the colour change. But after getting caught in the rain last week when eating with friends my whole bag went back to bluish purple. This is Hong Kong we have a lot of rain. This is something I would definitely have noticed as this is my daily use bag.
Pls don’t use this product on your bags 4D2DD2B9-9431-4FEE-8E58-EBBC66DB3D0B.jpeg AAE4946F-1EE3-4B7D-861C-5B362FC171C0.png 9A9033CC-4064-4998-B216-13ABF0E22BD6.png


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Jun 25, 2013
I need to know how to clean the inside of a vintage Gucci clutch. The inside rubs off on anything you put inside, including your hands. How do I correct this? I have seen some sites that say use a vacuum cleaner. I can't get a vacuum cleaner inside a clutch bag. I also saw a site that said corn starch and a stiff brush. Any suggestions? Thx