Gucci Card Cases

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  1. Hello!
    I've been looking for a card case and scouring the interwebs looking at different designer offerings (dimensions and prices as well). I happened upon Gucci's options today and was pleased at the price point of some of the leather ones which is under $200. The two I like most are the Gucci Signature leather GG card case and the Gucci Swing leather card case. Both cost $195, have 5 card slots, and are 4"W x 3"H.

    For the leather GG, I prefer the light pink or blue.



    For the Swing Leather, I'm partial to fuchsia or pink.



    One other thing I like about the swing card case is that it can be personalized.

    So, I'd like to know about anyone's experiences with these leathers (if they're durable and how they're different) and which do you prefer from these. Other designer suggestions are ok :smile:
    Also, are there any other Gucci accessories/leather goods that can be personalized?

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  2. I would worry about the pale pink versions of either style if you'll be using it for every day as it will get plenty of handling.

    Guccissima is tough and great for SLGs but I like the Swing's Fuchsia colour better, perfect for finding easily even in a big bag, a dark pocket and not forgetting if you put it down momentarily

    I didn't even know the Swings could be monogrammed. Personally, I have bags, shoes and scarves monogrammed but these have either been at events or on made-to-order pieces. Just be absolutely sure you're 100% sure about every aspect of the item as monogrammed goods can't be returned unless faulty.
  3. While I like the Swing card holders (I have the Swing bag in light pink!) I think a card holder needs to be super durable when you are using it every day and putting multiple cards in and out, so I would vote for something Guccissima. It's durable and would probably last longer and look better over the years.
  4. In my experience the Guccissima holds up very well. I've had a wallet, which I over stuff, for three years and it only has a very small amount of wear at the corners. That is far better than any other wallet I have ever had! I would also recommend that you go with a darker color. It will show less wear (which is inevitable since it will be banging around in a handbag all day).
  5. I have both but prefer the swing. The GG card holder is VERY stiff and doesn't seem to hold as many cards as the Swing & it's a little harder to remove the cards....Just a warning about the GG cardholder, even though Gucci has it listed as light pink irl it looks more lavender. Nonetheless it is still nice.
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  6. I read somewhere on the Gucci forums that the lighter leathers are easier to get stained (for lack of a better term) and that is a concern for me as I will use the card case often.

    I like the idea of personalization, but I’m glad you brought up the fact that something could go awry. There are also no returns/exchanges/cancellations for these items. If I consider the swing card case, I'll check if a boutique can do monogramming.
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  7. Thanks for your advice! To be honest, I like the way the Guccissima looks more than the Swing and it’s nice to know that it’s durable. I just wish there as a greater variety colors. I would love a Guccissima card case in fuchsia!
  8. First pic guccissima
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  9. Thanks for your input! It’s good to know the Guccissima will last a long time. I was thinking a darker color would be better with all the use the card case would be getting. I really wish the Guccissima had a better color selection, though, as I really like fuchsia.

  10. Thank you for sharing that information! I prefer the look of the GG, but I absolutely love the fuchsia Swing. I think I’ll have to go and look at these card cases in person to check for color and feel.

    Also, is the Swing susceptible to scratches or showing wear and tear earlier? Is it the leather as durable?
  11. I think the Swing material is more durable and more functional. I don't use my Guccissima as much because it is so stiff and doesn't hold as much.

  12. I have the GG in red and i use it on the beach on vacations. I have gotten it wet and had no color transfer and it still looks great.
  13. I hope I never get the card case I choose wet, but that's good to know. I wonder how the swing would fare getting wet..