Gucci card case wear and tear

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  1. I have a Gucci card case approximately 3 years old that has been used about half of that time. The cards are starting to slip a bit out of the openings. Which I'm sure is normal. But, is there anything I can do? Or is this simply the end of it's usefulness?
  2. Mine is a zipped card wallet so not quite the same.

    As you say, it's normal. The leather gives over the time and it will happen. Most important thing is not to lose those cards.

    You could try 2 cards in together to prolong its usefulness.
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  3. thanks. mine is so cute :love: and I just love her. she zips along the top so I can put in a bit of cash. then the card slots are on the outside. very grab and go. I hate to retire her. she is one of my favorite little SLGs. :crybaby:this is the first time my :heart: for a piece has outlasted it's life.
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  4. 0FD11F17-E288-4365-9C4D-79F82F485C94.jpeg D6EA825F-9440-4109-B232-31699D856E00.jpeg I just had to post pics. Because she is so adorable. It’s really only the first slot that’s lose. If I just use the last 3 I might get another year out of her.
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  6. Can the cards fit inside the zippered part?