Gucci "Capri"

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  1. hey guys.. anyone know where I could get this bag? Pls. helppp.. I need to get it as a gift for my mother.. TIA :P
  2. thanks Beejerry.. btw can you ask the outlet for pictures of what they have?

  3. You probably have to know someone by name to get pictures. But doesn't hurt to ask! I remember a couple of members have received pictures from outlets before.
  4. I just got this one from the sale last night.

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  5. They are on Gucci-france website.
  6. Is this bag hard to find? I am having terrible buyer remorse and want to sell this bag now...:sweatdrop:
  7. Its cute - why do you want to sell it?
  8. I seriously overspent in the past month :sweatdrop: with all the sales going on....and I have a few black bags....I think I should do the right thing since I dont need it at the moment....
  9. I saw two different capri styles on sale at the Gucci in the Forum shops at Caesar's Palace in Vegas.

    Just saw them on Tuesday night.
  10. The Gucci Store in Dallas has one ask for teresa 972-387-3357
  11. Noegirl05. is it the same bag that's pictured here on this thread? tia:P

  12. Yes I was just there today... and it was still there. Just call Teresa and she will get you straight. Tell her Michelle sent you I bought the same bag in the presale

  13. I'll do you the favour.... :graucho: