Gucci cafe

  1. Has anyone visited the Gucci cafe in the Tokyo Ginza store before? I wonder what it's like and what they have there.

    Here are some pics:

    Oh and this Gucci pncake with the double G looks so cute (and delectable)!

    Reminds me of a post about the chocolate Guccissima making you want to eat chocolate. Maybe they have Guccissima chocolate bars there :p

    When I was trying clothes on at the Elements store in HK, the SAs gave me a glass of freshly made apple juice (I loved it), but it would be so nice to eat there as well!

    Unfortunately only the Tokyo store has the cafe. I hate that Gucci has so many Japan only items - custom-made exotic bags (not that I could afford one though), Japan exclusive items, a cafe and a gallery!
  2. Do they DHL the pancake? YUM!

    I know, the Japanese are so spoiled. I should email Gucci and let them know we want some GG chocolate bars!
  3. OM! :nuts: I want to go!
  4. But I want a bar, not just tiny bits!
  5. :wtf: soooooo NOT FAIR!!! :goodpost:
  6. I never knew about the cafe! I want to go too!
  7. ooo, I'll be in Tokyo next week, Gucci cafe is now firmly on my list to see. I definitely want to try some of that Guccissima chocolate:drool:
  8. ^You'll have to tell us all about it!
  9. yes audrey sneak some pics for us!
  10. Oooh, make sure to tell us about it!

    Here are loads of pics from a Japanese site:

    The food looks really delectable... There's a pic of a part of the menu as well. Prices don't seem too bad (1,500 yen for some salads I saw and at 1000 - 2000 yen per item as it says on the site).

    If only they had a cafe here in HK... There's an Armani bar/restaurant here, so why not a Gucci cafe?
  11. We should all take a field trip!! Lets gooo...!!! :wlae:
  12. Okay ..... the next Gucci meet is in Japan!! Hahaha.... wow looks delish!! Very nice....
  13. waaaw that cappucino looks yummy
  14. I know! And oh wow, look at this pic:

    They've created art by pouring milk, I love it! Arrgh, why didn't Gucci open it's flagship and cafe when I was in Tokyo in August 2006? :drool: