Gucci by Gucci

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  1. I went to a Pageone bookstore in Causeway Bay Saturday and saw them selling the book, Gucci by Gucci, with pages full of photos from their archives (previously unavailable to the public). It was really interesting reading about Gucci's past and looking at the photos of the celebrities, the family, the boutiques and the products back then. I found out the closure of my cruise 2008 dress was the same as the closure on a belt that Audrey Hepburn wore! The price, of course is really expensive (approx $154 US) and even more expensive with a Guccissima case (you can buy the book with the case on Gucci's UK website).

    I loved the quote they had on the first page also: "Quality is remembered long after price is forgotten". I'll just say that to myself the next time I go shopping for bags...
  2. Aww too bad I can't order from the UK site from the US. I would love to have this book sitting on my coffee table!
  3. I like that quote too! "Quality is remembered long after price is forgotten".
  4. i want that book and dior book is well...
    i own a good collection of fashion and art books...nobady can even touch them..xixiixi:hysteric:
  5. I need the Gucci book!