GUCCI? BURBERRY? Is anyone a fan?

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  1. Haven't seen any forum about any of these labels here. But I just love Burberry cos it stands abuse. haha But it doesn't look that lux. But I'm starting to like Gucci these days. I suppose it depends on what clothes you wear? Argh..I'm making excuse cos I just bought a Gucci Borsa Cupid bag and it's not even on the internet or on its website. I'm starting to wonder whether it's a left over or limited edition:amazed:
  2. any pics of the Gucci?:
  3. I would like to see, too. I'm a Burberry fan. I just like anything with stripes/polka dots/squares etc. :/
  4. The classic Burberry bags are nice but I'm not a big fan of the vinyl checkered pattern. The material seems cheap to me although it is quite durable.

    I used to love everything Gucci...until my beloved Gucci bag (that I purchased at the boutique) started falling apart!! Since then I have been weary of their durability (on fabric items). However, the new Guccissima bags are hot!!!!
  5. I like Burberry cos its classic. And with Rachel Weisz in the ads, it just got better!
  6. There you go... When I look at the picture. I suddenly feel that there's nothing special about it. Argh. I was buying a key holder when I spotted it and it was too cheap and it looked cute. But I just realised how small it is. Haha. That's okay. It's an investment for my daughter when I have one one day..l.:P

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  7. It depends on what kind of bags you buy.. My Dior's strap comes out but it was probably because I kept putting too many things and it has such a thin strap. I Don't like Burberry pink or blues. But I'm a big fan of Burberry classic. Anything brown is my love. Bags will eventually fall apart, I think! I stained my LV's strap so I'm kinda staying out of monogram right now.. Epi is more durable. Why aren't these bags immune to damage?
  8. I have never been a fan of Gucci although I do like their Boston Treasure Bag!

    I really like burberry, but I am usually drawn to the styles that are outside of the conventional checkered plaid design.
  9. I realise that. Why isn't there's a forum just about gucci alone?? I love gucci but only Tom Ford's collections. Frida Gianni......okaylah........
  10. I'm a fan of Burberry. Gucci is nice, but I don't own anything.
  11. that's a cute bag!!! i've never seen it before.. congrats
  12. I like Gucci but only a fan of certain bags. As for Burberry, I don't care for the checkered patterns at all. I did like the metallic handbags they came out with one season though and their fabulous caps.

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  13. pursemama, love your Gucci black hobo bag. How much did you pay?
  14. Never really cared for Gucci ... they were the first label to suffer from overexposure and fakes were everywhere ... but their horsebit hobos are iconic ...

    as far as burberry ... well i own one when i went though that phase ... and i still use it - especially when it rains ... but this label is so overexposed ... perhaps as someone pointed out, the Rachel Weisz advertising will restore the brand ..

    always wondered how LV remained at the echelon of exclusiveness despite everyone and their dog carrying a a fake ...
  15. If my memory serves, I believe it was $1400...I had to have it at that time :love: ...I still love it, though.
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