Gucci bu Gucci

  1. Hey guys, Gucci is introducing a book. I have no idea what it covers but I think its pretty cool.

    "To commemorate Gucci's eighty-fifth anniversary, the Gucci by Gucci book, being released November 1, offers the first public view of the private Gucci archive and celebrates the brand through a visual exploration of its products, icons, and the people who have identified with them. A limited edition version, encased in a black guccissima slip cover, is available exclusively on the website and at Gucci boutiques."

  2. I think its on the history of Gucci.. I got an e-mail this morning.. the book is 300+ $ .. if it were less.. I would grab it right away.
  3. i wonder how much the one without the guccissima case is? i read before it was around $100...

  4. Really? I think it would be great to paw about a Gucci referenece library....!!!! :heart: Emmy