Gucci brown Belt bag appropriate for Work?

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  1. Just out of curiosity i have a Gucci brown belt bag and i work at an office.....i just want to wear it as an accessory but i dont know if this will be considered "appropriate" for an office.....i've seen like waitresses and stuff wear it to hold tips and all that but I dont know if i should even Try wearing it at work.... any suggestions?
  2. I personally would not wear it to work.
  3. no its not.
  4. I personally find the beltbag to be too informal for an office setting- it's complete casualness is at odds with a business enviroment.
  5. Yup...if I had one, i don't think i'd wear it to work either. It just doesn't seem appropriate in an office setting. :girlsigh:
  6. Like the others, I definitely think it's inappropriate in a more formal office, however, when the dress code is really relaxed (some offices have 'casual days'), why not?

  7. I agree. You should wear it only if your office has a casual day (such as being able to wear jeans one day a week, etc.)